2022 Finalists

Theme: "Restoration"

Governed by storms, the world is driven and tossed by the wind, but the Kingdom of God brings healing and restoration!

The 2022 Verse:  Amos 9:14

"And I will bring my people Israel back from exile.They will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit." NIV

Grace Comes Home
A disgraced socialite's deepest secrets are threatened by the miraculous engagement of her daughter.
Writer: Rhonda Dragomir Read Interview
DE: Denise Thurman

Dandelion Effect
While cleaning the campus as a consequence for fighting, estranged friends restore their friendship over trash and a handful of weeds.
Writer: Karen Shafer
DE: Denise Thurman

Just Like Him
An angry school custodian finds restoration in helping others.
Writer: Nancy Bethea
DE: Amanda Llewellyn

The Journey Home
A widowed grandfather cures his family’s addiction to cellular devices with a baseball bat.
Writer: Stan Dunn
DE: April Manor

The Master Fixer Upper
His better family stands in the way of an ex-con, eager to restart his life.
Writer: Aurora Harris
DE: Denise Thurman

A girl goes to live with her angry grief stricken uncle.
Writer: Christy Adair
DE: Amanda Llewellyn 


Back Home Again
A couple try to make their way back home while dealing with their grief and estrangement.
Writer: Donna Fentanes
DE: Alicia Schechter

The Best Friend’s Story
A family struggles to reunite after years of misunderstanding.
Writer: Darol O. Gemeinhardt
DE: Owen Kingston

Shattered Windows
When a dying, recovering alcoholic invites his estranged, resentful daughter to come to dinner to say his final goodbye, he realizes she’s trapped in an emotionally-abusive marriage and wants to make amends with her before it's too late.
Writer: Jade Soliman
DE: Owen Kingston

Healing Rain
Just freed from prison, Tyler rediscovers old patterns of violent anger toward his mother and the temptation of easy money. As his mother faces her own troubled history, will they find freedom from their past?
Writer: Evan Atwood
DE: Erik Baker