Write of Passage Script Licensing

How to produce a Write of Passage (WP) Spotlight film for the 168 Film Project

This is a very easy process and most script requests are quickly granted. Our goal at 168 is to get the best possible films made from the WP scripts. So if there is competition for a particular script then we will choose the best team. We hope to have the DE and Writer involved and you must give them credit if they wish to be named on the film. If you are the writer that's great. We want to help you gather a great team around you. Students are welcome to use any WP script for a 168 Student Speed Film or any other student production. This is to help students to learn and grow.

  1. Choose a script. You can choose from any finalist script from any year. If you have a script that was not a finalist, you may request to use it, but check with us first.
  2. Use our Contact Form to inquire about the script. In your inquiry, tell us about your team, including:
    • School affiliation (for a student film)
    • Crew experience
    • Star attachments (if any)
    • Funding or plan for fundraising
    • Budget
    • Locations & gear
    • Why you want to make the story
  3. 168 will consider your request and send approval via email
  4. Use the Film Project Registration Form to purchase your entry
  5. Production may start immediately. 
  6. Producer will enter into a license agreement with the writer. 168 will provide contact information. 
  7. Rules, film specifications and turn-in deadlines are the same as for all other films.

Start the License Process

Q&A on Write of Passage Spotlight Films

Q: Why do you license these projects?  Our goal is to protect the hard work of the writers and give the story the best possible chance to succeed. This is a very easy process and most script requests are quickly granted. If there is no competition for the story (from another producer), then you will likely get it. If there is competition, it will go to the best team. See the process (above).

Q: Describe the 168 / Write of Passage License Approval Process?
A: 168 and 168 producers get a First Look on the Write of Passage scripts per the writer's contract. The 168 WP license expires after the last producer entry deadline for the closest upcoming 168 Film Project. After that, writers may do as they wish with their stories.

Q: How many scripts will be made into short films at the 168 Film Project?
A: Usually 1-3 are made each year, but we welcome more. There is no limit. Producers are responsible for their own budgets. Only one film of a script may be made in a given year, which is why we ask you to contact us before entering. If a script is in production, you'll be asked to choose another.

Q: Which scripts are option-able?
All scripts from every year are optionable, not just finalists.The finalist scripts are listed by year (see list). Contact us to learn which ones have already been made into films. We encourage you to produce any WP script, including non-finalists (perhaps one you wrote), just write to us.

Q: Can Writers or DE's option their Write of Passage script?
A: Yes, writers are encouraged to produce. Contact us. We want to help you succeed!

Q: Who qualifies as a Write of Passage Spotlight Producer?
A: Anyone who 1. Requests a script license (as described above), 2. is Accepted, 3. Pays the Contest Fee and 4. Signs the Contract.

Q: What is involved in "licensing" a script?
A: The licensing process is merely sending a message and telling us that you are prepared to do a good job. No money is involved. See the steps above.

Q: Who gets the license to produce the screenplay?
A: The first team to apply to produce a script and meets qualifications will be granted the license. If another team later applies to produce the same script, they will be asked to choose another WP script or enter in a different category. Our goal is to give these films the very best chance to be great. If you are the producer, we are happy to guide you in your quest for excellence! Writers also agree to make scripts available for student productions.

Q: Is there a specific schedule for production like the 168 Signature Films?
A: Other than the deadline, no. Write of Passage Films are in the Non-Speed category, so production can begin immediately after registration. The turn-in deadline is the same for all other non-speed films. As with all other categories of this competition, Write of Passage Spotlight films must not be screened in public prior to the festival. See Contest Rules.

Q: When will the Write of Passage Spotlight Films Screen?
A: At the Write of Passage Spotlight Screenings at the 168 Film Festival. These films will be programmed by 168 Management.

Q: Are These films Eligible for Awards?
A: Yes, these films compete for the Best Write of Passage Award, and are also eligible for acting and technical merit awards. They are not eligible for writing awards as they have already been judged.

Q: Can I produce a Write of Passage Screenplay Independently of 168? 
A: Yes, but 168 producers get the "First Look" (which expires after the last 168 Film Project entry deadline). After that, the writers are the owners and may do as they wish with their stories. Contact the writer directly to negotiate a license.  We can provide contact information. All WP films produced for whatever reason must give credit to the contest as follows: "Based on a 168 Film Write of Passage Screenplay."

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