The Rules

Overall Contest Rules

Like any good competition, there are rules that all teams agree to follow. Some of the rule highlights include:

  • Late submissions (even by one second) will be screened at the festival, but will be ineligible for awards
  • Exceeding designated length (by as little as one frame) will disqualify from awards
  • Detailed descriptions of Film Types (speed/non-speed) and their time requirements
  • Content requirements to assure "family-safe" screenings and avoid copyright challenges
  • Film category rules
  • Film submittal rules (where/how to upload films and paperwork)
  • Technical requirements (summarized below)
  • Jury process & awards
  • Pre-festival screening restrictions
  • Insurance & safety requirements

View Complete Rules Here (PDF)  Frequently Asked Questions  Need more info? Please ask here.

Technical Specifications (Brief)

Detailed specifications are in the Competition Hub, available to producers after entering the competition.

Filming Formats

Filmmakers are welcome to use any format they like, using any camera system preferred - pro/semi-pro video camears, DSLR or mirrorless, or even smartphones, drones or action cams - as long as it will provide high quality HD, 4K or higher resolution output. Everything will be screened in theatrical style, so vertical video is highly discouraged, unless framed in a standard 16:9 widescreen frame. 24fps is the standard frame rate.

Required Content

All films must have readable credits (within the allotted duration time), and will add a graphic and voiceover of the assigned/chosen Bible verse that we provide to the end. 

Output Versions

Team editors will output two versions of the final video.

  • JUDGING VERSION: For judging, you will be outputting a compressed h.264 24fps file, minimum HD (1280x720) at approximately 8 Mbps. Max file size, 500MB. This is due to start uploading before the published deadline for ALL FILMS, speed and non-speed.

  • SCREENING VERSION: To provide the highest quality for the Festival, we ask for a high-bitrate professional format (ProRes, DNxHD, MXF, etc.) at a high bitrate (minimum 25Mbps). Maximum file size 15GB. The screening version may contain "tweaks" such as color grading or audio sweetening, but must be the exact length of the Judging version. This is due one week after published deadline.

Full details and instructions for turn-in are found in the Competition Hub, available after entry purchase.

Terms and Agreement

After signing up, the Signing Producer will receive an Adobe Sign document, which is our comprehensive working agreement.  Points include:

  • Agreement to abide by the Rules
  • Statement of Prizes and eligibility
  • Code of Conduct, intended to help prevent certain types of behavior, both on set and when representing onesself as a 168 participant
  • Warranty that participant has full authority and capacity to enter into the agreemnet
  • Acknowledgement that producers own their films, but have one restriction, to not publicly screen the film until after its premier at the Festival
  • Grant of rights and license to 168 so that we may exhibit your films and other matierals you provide
  • Other typical legal provisions (indemnity, term, territory, etc.)
  • Statement of safety compliance

A sample contract may be downloaded here. It is subject to change.

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