2020 THEME: "Storms."

FOUNDATIONAL VERSE: Matthew 14:30-31 But when he saw the wind, he (Peter) was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” NIV


The Believing Boy and the Doubting Dad
by Eric & Timothy Egan
, Pollock Pines, CA;
DE: Nancy Bevins
A father at the end of his rope is brought to faith by his son's simple act of faith.

The Final Storm 
by Bethany Clemons, Fairfield OH;
DE: Candace Venable.
Terminal patient Susan has lost her passion for painting storms until unflappable nurse Holly proves no storm is too big to paint.

by Alicia Schudt-Schechter, Porter Ranch, CA; 
DE: Yvette Sams
A TV weatherman's self-respect plummets when he loses his job.

Adopting Faith 
by Erin Dooley, Pasadena, CA; 
DE: Owen Kingston
When a recent widow's adoption of foster kids proves more than she can handle her trust in God is shaken.

Into the Rain
by Kelli Cloud Barton and Amy Walker Molina,
White Oak TX.
DE: Candace Venable
A prison warden gains a new life perspective from one of her inmates.


Born In Waves 
by Danielle Superior, LA, CA,
DE: James M. De Vince
A beautiful college freshman's first birthday away from home isn't going according to plan

Hal's Paradise
by Denise Thurman, Encino, CA,
DE: Owen Kingston
When a worldwide pandemic crumbles the dreams of a young woman's new life in paradise, she's forced to trust what she cannot see.

Happy Birthday Beatrice
by Keisha Jackson, Brambleton, VA,
DE Michael Deschamps
A centurion plans to teach a reporter the secret to her longevity but ends up being the one who learns a lesson.

Living Will 
by Erik Baker, Moraga, CA,
DE Kenny Solberg
A grief-stricken woman finds strength and hope as she follows a trail of sticky notes written by her 6-year-old son.

Virtual, Together 
by Salvador Castellanos, Arleta CA,
DE Kenny Solberg
A recent widow is given the opportunity to reunite with his wife through an advanced VR experiment.