About 168 Film

A Unique
Proving Ground
for Filmmakers &
We create opportunities for professionals and newcomers alike to practice their craft and connect with like-minded artists in the context of faith, values and biblical truth.

Reaching & Encouraging Filmmakers Worldwide.

168 Film has forged an international community of artists focused on exploring life's most important questions via film and TV. Through our competitions, special events, resources, and other methods of communication, 168 provides filmmakers, screenplay writers, actors, technicians, and more, unique resources and opportunities to explore, learn, and practice their craft with like-minded artists in the industry.

Signature Competitions

For twenty years, 168 Film's signature competitions provide opportunities for professionals and newcomers alike an experience like no other as they vie for awards and recognition. These competitions are designed to strengthen and encourage the participants while achieving the common goal; to tell a great story based on scripture within the allotted timeframe.

The Festival & Community Events

From the annual 168 Film Festival with premiers of short films from across the globe, to online and in-person mixers, content for "Mini-Fests," and other events, 168 Film supports an active international community of faith-based artisans who work to create on-screen media for film, TV and streaming.

Our History

From a Local Outreach to an International Movement.

168 Film started in 2003 after founder John David Ware encountered many industry professionals who were interested in making their own faith-based films, but were unable to do so for a variety of logistical reasons.

A timed film production competition meant the end of the talking and the start of the DOING. The length of the competition was of primary importance. The contest needed to be long enough to allow for the production of serious art that would indeed advance careers (on both sides of the camera), and short enough to allow people to collaborate and not go broke in taking time off from work. Seven times twenty-four hours equals 168, and that is how the contest got its name.

In 2003, the first 168 Film Project competition began; providing local Southern California filmmakers the opportunity they've been longing for to practice their craft.

At the first 168 Film Festival, thirteen films screened in Evans Chapel at Bel Air Presbyterian Church to a standing room only crowd. "I am sure that some of those folks came to see how bad these short films based on Bible verses would be," said Ware, "But, they came and saw how good they were and it created a buzz in both churches and in the filmmaking community."

Since the inaugural competition and festival in 2003, interest in 168 Film expanded internationally with participants coming from many different countries. Now, more than twenty years later, over 1,500 short films have been produced, impacting lives and launching careers for tens of thousands of participants worldwide, as each participant has a unique encounter with the Word of God.

168 Film is a non-profit organization funded by donors and sponsors. Join us on our mission with a tax-deductible donation.