Write of Passage 2018

Theme: "Rebirth"

Foundational Verse:  
Matthew 18:3 And (Jesus) said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” ESV

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How Not To Be A Stupid Adult by Erik Baker, Astoria, NY (DE: Owen Kingston)
As a couple separates, they discover a box of mementos from their childhood friendship, and a healthy serving of life advice from their 3rd grade selves.

Kingdom Boss
by Sandi Eberhardt, Brea, CA (DE: Alicia Schechter)
A stay-at-home dad battles "Lord Thunder" and conventional thinking in a new video game.

Mighty Warrior
by Deanne Reed, Westerville, OH (DE: Aaron Ybarra)
A prominent neurosurgeon's hard heart softens when he shares a ride with a little boy with cancer.

The Tree House
by Camille Godwin-Austen of Amity, OR (DE: Amada Llewellyn)
Profound Secrets in an old tree house help a broken woman regain her faith.

Heart Comes First
by Kari Payne, Los Angeles, CA (DE David Hyde)
An emotionally-detached 3rd grader learns courage from her dying father.


Crown of Greatness by Daniel Sweet, Los Angeles, CA (DE: James M. DeVince)
A desperate archeological looter seeks riches at any cost.

Teddy by Nolan Jones, Choctaw, OK (DE: James M. DeVince)
Desperately out of control, a woman discovers the dedication and wisdom of her imaginary friend.

Homeby Stephanie Hylton-Wang, Canoga Park, CA (DE: Aaron Ybarra)
A mother must break the cycle of familial abuse or lose her daughter.

No Grownups Aloud Allowedby Darlo Gemeinhardt, Alexander City, AL (DE: Owen Kingston) A grieving widow must find a way to express love to her daughter.

Sunday Schoolby Yvette Sams, Beverly Hills, CA (DE Alicia Schechter)
Cranky Old Man Potter becomes a substitute teacher for Sunday School tots.