Write of Passage 2016

Theme: The Love of the Father

VERSE: Proverbs 3:12 For whom the LORD loves He corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delights. (NKJV) 
Few are blessed with a childhood that resembles a Norman Rockwell painting, yet our view of Almighty God is indelibly colored by our experiences with dear old dad.

THE 2016 WINNER IS: Bear Clifton, Azusa CA; DE: Katarzyna Kochany
Turbo Jam Boosters
A jealous young boy sabotages his older brother's academic future.
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Shervin Youssefian, Glendale CA; DE: Allen Wolf

The Good Father
After a family tragedy, a protective father interferes in his son's school life.

3RD: Rickie Ramos, Stockton CA; DE: David Hyde
The Catch
A caring beat cop befriends an inner-city boy who lost his father.

4TH: Kenneth Solberg, Seattle WA; DE: Derrick Warfel
Gone Astray
A boy disobeys his dad, putting his prized horse in grave danger.

5TH: Cindy O’Halloran, Richland Center WI; DE: Claire Hutchinson
Dad Calls Me His
An adopted boy battles his guilty conscience and his manipulative younger sister. 


The Littlest Bunny
A young bunny ignores her father's warnings about danger in the forest.
Hahnah Jackson, Los Angeles, CA; DE:Claire Hutchinson

Losing Pride
Lives intertwine as one father loses his son in a police shooting.
Malaika Lue-Hing, Los Angeles, CA; DE: Alicia Schechter

Orders for a Doctor
An elderly patient is bent on finding a wife for his doctor.
Naida Joanides & Gina Brulato, Sarasota FL; DE: William G Jones

The Paper Cut
A middle-aged legal secretary's meltdown at work is unappealing to the boss.
Denise Thurman, Reseda, CA; DE: Katarzyna Kochany

A man in the dark slowly learns from an enlightened person.
Peter Lundell, Walnut CA; DE: Victor Carrera


Sonja Piper Dosti: Script Consultant & former SrVP & Producer, Imagine Television
Leilani Downer:  Director and Television Writer, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Growing Pains
Amanda Llewellyn: Producer, The Moment After I &II. Two-time winner of Best Film and Best Screenplay awards at the 168 Film Festival.
Key Payton: Multi-produced and top-ranked screenwriter and script consultant.
Dr. Stan Williams: Award-winning filmmaker and author of The Moral Premise

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Semi-Final Jury: Camille Godwin-Austen, Mikie DeLong-Pyle, Theodore Cox, Loyce Kareri, Rowena Kuo, Rebekah Score, Simon Kennedy

We are grateful to our 2015 Faculty of Development Executives:
Dianne Butts, Víctor Carrera, James M. De Vince, Claire Hutchinson, David Hyde, William G. Jones, Katarzyna Kochany, Troy Latto, Alicia Schechter, Derrick Warfel, Allen Wolf