The Evangelista nomination and award is for the film(s) that can be used as a tool to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the minimum of distractions.

"Channel 168" Q&A

  • What is special about these films?

    This is a sampling of the more than 1,200 films that have been produced for the 168 Film Project since its inception in 2003. What's special is that they all use The Bible for their inspiration. At the end of each film, and in the film description you can see the verse that was assigned or chosen. Most of the films are "Speed Films" that were shot and edited in a 168 hour (one-week) time span. Others were entered as "Non-Speed" films. Learn about Film Types.

    You too can make a film for the upcoming festival. Production teams of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Training resources are provided.

    168 Film Project Competition Info

  • Why should I support 168 and this Channel?

    Your generous donation(s) helps keep this resource online and assists in educating new filmmakers on proper filmmaking techniques. These Christian Worldview films will help many in their faith walk. Our mission is to "Change the Media and Change the World."

    Pay It Forward.

  • Are the films Downloadable?

    No, the content is protected and can only be watched on the 168film.com website. Also, you cannot embed the films in another website. But, you can share links and please congratulate these talented artists!

  • Can I search for a film?

    Use the Search tool, upper right in the browser, and type in the search field. Search for title, producer, genre, Bible verse or descriptive words.

  • How do I share a film?

    Simply copy the film's URL from the address bar of your browser and paste it into your post or email.

  • As a filmmaker, can I post the link on IMDB or other such sites?

    Yes, PLEASE link your film's page to IMDB or other sites. This will help our filmmaker visibility! Just copy the page URL (from your browser's address bar) and use it in your listing. This link will help both you and 168 to grow!.

  • Can I show films to my Church Group?

    Yes! Screen for your Sunday School or Bible study class. Use the Full Screen button. Films will not download for offline playback. To discuss a “168 Mini-Festival” screening at your church please contact us.

  • Standard Definition (SD) vs. High Definition (HD) Video:

    Prior to 2010, films were delivered in SD, mostly on DV tape. Our friends at Advent Media have uprezzed several of them to HD, and we hope to do more soon. Filmmakers may contact us if they have a new or higher resolution version. Note: Internet connection speed can affect resolution.

  • Why is an Access Pass required for Newer Films?

    To preserve filmmaker festival eligibility, newer films are not public. Access Pass Holders and 168 Film Teams can see the latest. Donors can "Pay it forward" to get an access pass. By donating, you encourage media creators to use the Christian Worldview as a story backbone like it used to be. Change the media and we will change the world!

  • Why are some films flagged "sensitive" and require login?

    Within our content rules, some filmmakers chose to approach sensitive topics that should have parental guidance. Sign in with or create a FREE USER ACCOUNT to watch those.

  • Can I suggest changes to a film listing?

    Yes. If you see a typo or other issue, please let us know.