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Top 10 Reasons For Your Church Production Team to Enter 168

Join the Faith Film Resurgence!

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Top 10 Reasons For Your Church Production Team to Enter 168

You can do this!

Make a film in a week, based on a scripture you don't see until 10 days prior to filming. It seems impossible, but 1500 films later, it works.

168 is a 20-years-running, scripture-based, international short speed-film competition for filmmakers, writers and actors of all levels of experience. 

If your church has a media team and production gear, join the Faith Film Resurgence and make a film in a week. It may get screened by the folks at Angel Studios, and what you start here could take off!

Top 10 Reasons to Encourage your Media Team with the 168 Film Project:

10. The 2023 Theme: "Time"
09. Free Training & Dramatic improvement in production skills!
08. Your team is very excited by church-wide support!
07. Your church is very excited by your media team’s work!
06. Many more volunteers ask to be involved on productions!
05. Artist dreams are fulfilled on a Bible-based project!
04. Bible-based Art brings them closer to the Creator!
03. Win nominations, awards, & prizes at 168 Film Festival! 
02. Worldwide publicity through the 168 Network, and a chance at funding and distribution! 

And the #1 reason to make a film in the 168 Film Project 

01. God is Pleased, & Stories of Faith are Spread Outside the Church!

Free Inspiration

Catch the excitement of being on set with 168 film crews. You can do this!

The 168 Mission is to Illuminate the Word of God through film and to assist emerging artists with career and spiritual guidance. 

Change the Media, Change the World!

168 builds teamwork, trust and faith. Encourage your production team and your congregation to make a film, and see God work miracles both on and off the set.

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