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Season 21 - What's New?

An update on what's new for 2024

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Season 21 - What's New?

It's a new year, a new theme, and lots of new opportunities for filmmakers.  Let's update you on what is new at 168 for 2024!

NEW: Three Speed Film "Groups" & Earlier Competition Timetable

Like a bicycle, we've gone from a 1-speed, to a 2 speed, and now a 3-speed.

We heard from producers that they'd like more opportunities to do speed films during the year, so we're scheduling three "groups", one in February, one in April, and one in July. And, the Festival is moving to September to have less competition with the election and holidays.

Speed Film producers will select from Group 1, 2, or 3 during the sign-up process:

  1. Create a user account or log in with an account from 2023 (create a new account if you didn't participate last year)
  2. Select whether paying by card or check
  3. Select whether you want to do a Speed or Non-Speed film
  4. For Speed films ONLY, first choose whether it's a "Signature" speed film or "Student" speed film
  5. On the same page choose the group in which you wish to compete. Your verse assignment, start, and turn-in schedule will be as published for the group you select.
  6. Finish the entry form to submit payment and receive your team number.
    If you want to do another speed film in a different group, start the process over again with the same login.

Click Here to Enter!

How This Affects Non-Speed Films

If you enter as a Non-Speed film, you will NOT choose a date at registration. Your final turn-in date is the same as for Group 3 of Speed Films, and is noted on the schedule. 

Non-speed films can turn-in any time before that final turn-in date, providing Verse Assets (Bible verse graphic and voiceover) we supply have been inserted at the end of the film. You will need to wait to turn in until you receive those. We will be creating 3 batches of Verse Assets. If you declare your verse in the Competition Hub before Verse Assignment for any of the three Speed Verse Assignment dates, we'll include your verse in that batch so you can turn in early.

The final date to declare your verse is the day of Group 3's Verse Assignment.

NEW: Speed Film Prop and Line

Twenty years ago we tried this idea, so we're giving it another go, with a bit of a twist. At Verse Assignment all teams in the Speed Film group will be given specifications for a PROP, which will be a common object, and a LINE of script that must be included somewhere in the film. Bonus points go for how creatively these items can be integrated into the story you derive from the Bible verse. Each group will have a different prop and line, so you won't know what it is until Verse Assignment.

The prop and/or line can be a key element of your story, or it can just be ancillary. You can see some of the 2004 entries on the Watch page,



Q: Can I enter a Speed Film for a later group early on when the fee is low?
A: Yes. You can enter as early as January for any group, or even all three.

Q: Can I enter more than one speed film?
A: Yes.  You can enter up to 3 Speed Films, one in each group, and you don't have to wait to enter for the later groups.  A separate entry is required for each film.

Q: Can I enter Speed and Non-Speed at the same time?
A: Yes. In fact if you have assemble a team for a Non-Speed, it's a great idea to keep them together for a Speed. Or do a Speed early and a Non-speed later. Separate entries are required for each film.

Q: Can I change groups or change film types?
A: Yes, up until Verse Assignment for your chosen group.  Once a verse is assigned, you need to complete the film in that group's timeframe. You can also change from a non-speed to a speed up until the group's verse assignment. Let us know of any change at least a day before the verse assignment.

Q: Must Student Speed Films use the published schedules?
A: Only if they prefer. Student Speed Films can still "pick their own deadline" as long as it's before the Group 3 deadline. See the details here. If student teams use the published deadlines, there are no extra hoops to jump through.

Q: Do Non-Speed films have to include the Prop and Line?
A: No, that challenge is for Speed Films only. Of course if you want to include a prop and line once they are announced, there's nothing stopping you.

Q: Must the Prop and Line be central to the story?
A: Only if you want them to be. It's a challenge to the writers to see how creative they can be.

Q: Where will I get the prop?
A: We're planning to choose items that are easily obtained, and you are likely to have them already.