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Screening Schedule 2022

19th Annual 168 Film Festival

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Screening Schedule 2022

(Times Subject to Change)

  • Team# Title - Producer


9:30 AM: Screening Block 1

  • 22a006 Love the One - David Whitehill
  • 22s010 Faith Extraction - LaShunda & Zuberi Smith
  • 22w003 A Tip of the Hat - J.R. Larsen
  • 22s013 Bridge Six - Jose Lombera
  • 22s039 Eternal Faith - Jasmine Wilkins
  • 22b039 Making of Eternal Faith - Jasmine Wilkins (Mature Content)
  • 168 Classic: Washed Up

10:45 - Screening Block 2

  • 22u028 Tap Out - Kerstin Thiel
  • 22s022 Once Again - Ayanna Anene
  • 22d041 Lauren's Choice - Tamia Dow 
  • 22s001 Lot Boy - Deborah Brown
  • 168 Classic: Skywatch: The Duster of Doom 

12:00 Noon - Presentation

  • Shroud of Turin Presentation with Russ Breault (in auditorium) - Display opens in Shipyard (next door)

12:30PM - Lunch - Walk to Trilith restaurants

2:00 PM Panel: "L.A.vs GA - Film Industry Trends"

As competition for filmmaking dollars evolves, L.A. & GA parity is becoming a real possibility. What are the implications of this new paradigm for studio films and indie films? What does this mean for the future of faith films in light of recent deals announced with secular studios making faith films. What does the future hold for the industry? Panelists: Michael Feifer, Director/Writer/Producer of 120 features, director of 70 films, writer of 40 films. Abandoned, Merry Kissmas A Christmas Wedding TailCameron Arnett, Actor/Director, I Still Believe and Overcomer; Wes Llewellyn, Director/Producer The Moment After I & IIIt’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, The Farmer and the Belle; Amanda Llewellyn, Producer/Writer, The Moment After I & IIIt’s Supernatural with Sid Roth.  Moderator: John David Ware, Writer-Director, Unbridled, Producer, Final Frequency.

3:30pm Screening Block 3

  • 22s025 From Pathos to Praise - Joanne Barnes
  • 22s020 Saltwater Remedy - Adam Beck
  • 22o043 The White Candle - Natalie A. Meza
  • 22s033 Memories Out of The Ashes - Dellis Caden Noble
  • 22o045 The Generous Illusion - Ted Cox - (UK)
  • 22s029 As If It Were - Elizabeth Powell  (A Better Way Ministries)  
  • 168 Classic: Good News?         

5:30pm  DINNER BREAK (Walk to Trilith restaurants)


"Final Frequency" came from the 168 Feature Film Pitch Competition. Winners Rachel Lowry and Director Tim Lowry graduated, from shorts to making feature films. 

Logline: A student ties unusual L.A. tremors to rogue scientists, who will weaponize Tesla's secrets and cause earthquakes if they can find his lost notebook. It's Dove approved and safe for the family (12 & up). At the center of the conflict, there is a subtle argument about the value of human life. Stars: Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny, The Magicians), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT, Stargirl), Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives), Kim Estes (Emmy Winner-Dicks, NCIS) and Josh Murray (Killing Lincoln The Missing Twin).

8:00 PM - 9:30 Dessert Reception - Shipyards


Saturday November 5


  • 22d021 Steppin: A Chicago Dance - Gwen McGee
  • 22s024 It's Not All About Me – Billy Dickson
  • 22o015 All Those Years Ago – David Hughens
  • 22s019 Home – Cam Nails
  • 22s014 With You – Joanne Atienza

11:00 AM - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY "SuperSpreader" (80 min)

This feature-length documentary shows evangelical Christian singer Sean Feucht, who stood up for religious liberties by holding mass outdoor worship concerts during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The rollercoaster ride that followed took him and his family on a journey into some of the most dangerous parts of America. Many found salvation in Jesus Christ and were delivered from addiction, depression and despair. Produced by Michael Mauldin.

12:15 PM - Lunch - Walk to Trilith restaurants

  • Shroud of Turin presentation with Russ Breault in auditorium
  • Visit Shroud of Turin display in Shipyard

1:30 PM - PANEL  "Defending the 1st Amendment Biblically"

The Bible says to obey leaders and show proper respect, but Jesus' disciples, and others refused the mandate to be silent. How should the church respond when leaders encroach on protected speech and religious liberty? Guests: Michael Mauldin, Producer of the feature film, "SuperSpreader," (screening 11am, Nov. 5th), which shows how worship leader Sean Feucht held mass outdoor worship concerts during the COVID-19 lockdowns when the church was deemed “non-essential” by governmental edict; Pastor Phillip Fields is the founder of Courageous Community Church and the School of Awakening with the purpose of reviving the church, reform the culture, and recover our identity as "One Nation Under God." Moderator: John David Ware, 168 Founder/Director, Writer/Director/Producer (Unbridled, Final Frequency). 

(Times subject to change)

3:00 PM - SCREENING BLOCK 5                                                                             

  • 22o44  The Sprayer (Animation) - Farnoosh Abedi (Iran) (Mature Themes)
  • 22s037 State of The Art - Tobi Gadison
  • 22u004 End Game – Amir Shehata - Canada (Mature Themes)
  • 22s031 The Light of PIP – Ken Merritt
  • 22u026 Billy Rapture - Deborah Kay
  • 22u005 Birthday Brash – Susan Shearer


  • 22k016 True Identity – Tim Lowry (Mature Themes)
  • 22u002 Capolavoro – Deborah Brown (Italy)
  • 22s036 Outlast - Kat Lee
  • 22s012 The Son of My Life – Victor Carrera Pérez (Ecuador)
  • 22s008 Where is My Song? – John Lockmer



9:00 PM - AFTER PARTY by ENZO at the Shipyard (next door)


FILM KEY: "s" SPEED Produced in 168 hours for 168 competition; "a" ANIMATION produced for competiton; "d" DOCUMENTARY produced for competition; "u" ALUMNI film, produced by past 168 participants for the competition, "w" WRITE OF PASSAGE uses a script written for the Write of Passage competition; "b": BEHIND THE SCENES "Making of 168" documentary;  "o": Preexisting films entered in the Open competition;