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New Category: "Proof of Concept"

A New Way to Try Out your Latest Concept

By 168 Film on
New Category: "Proof of Concept"

What is a Proof of Concept film?

A POC film is something to show the world your IDEA for a longer film or TV show/series. It needs to be an engaging development of the concept, characters and situations you conceived for a larger project that you would like to have funded. When finished, you could win an award at the 168 Film Festival, and you will have a great video to help pitch your project.

As with all “non-speed” films, producers will choose a Bible verse to serve as the foundation of the story. In every case, we have found that the scriptural foundation strengthens your story and bolsters your chances of winning.

POC films can be:

  • A new, original, complete short film (with beginning, middle, end, like a good 168 short).
  • An existing, unreleased* short film (edited to 9 minutes or less) that is new to 168
  • A concept piece that shows the look and feel of the final project and demonstrates the filmmaker’s capabilities. Using select scenes, it will begin to develop the characters and situations of the conceptual feature film or TV series. It can end on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers wanting to see more. This can be new and original OR a less-than-9-minute edit of a longer unreleased* & new-to-168 existing film or TV pilot.
  • Animatics: This is a sequence of storyboard illustrations with voice acting and soundtrack, precursor to a full-length animated production. A short (up to 2-minute) section of finished animation should be included to demonstrate style and quality. (Not allowed for live action.)

POC is a non-speed category open to all, veteran 168 producers and first timers, and there are no restrictions on when production may begin. All other rules of the competition must be followed to be eligible for award, including content rules and turn-in date and time.

POC Specifics:

  • 5-9 min. total run time
  • Gives an understanding of plot, tone, & pace
  • Shot and edited well, representative of the envisioned production
  • Can be a "complete" film with beginning/middle/end, or a collection of scenes demonstrating your concept (not a trailer)
  • Any genre, scripted or unscripted concepts
  • Producer selects a verse or passage from the Bible that supports the story/concept
  • Includes credits and verse graphic at end (verse assets provided by 168)

POC Entry Exclusions: (not accepted)

  • No table reads of scripts
  • No trailers
  • No sizzle reels
  • No pitch decks/pitches
  • No audio only productions

POC Award Eligibility:

  • Proof of Concept films are only eligible for 168's "Best Proof of Concept" nominations and award. Not eligible for Acting and Technical Merit awards.

This is your chance to see if your concept has legs.  ENTER NOW!

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* An unreleased film is not currently on any form of publicly available media. "New-to-168" means it has not been entered into our competition previously.