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How to Manage Your Entry

Producer's Guide to Using the Competition Hub

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How to Manage Your Entry

Here's how to manage your film in the new 168 Competition Hub!

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Competition Hub FAQ

Q: After I log in, I can't see the "Manage Entry" button.
A: If you successfully logged in but can't see the Manage Entry button, you're not logged in as a Producer. If you are delegated the task of data entry, you must log in with your producer's username/password to have access to the Competition Hub. Producers: be sure to share your login information with the people to whom you delegate data entry and editing tasks. Once the competition is finished, you can change your password to protect your data.

Q: In Personnel, do I need to create more than one record for a person if he/she could be nominated for multiple roles?
A: NO! Only list a person on your team once. If they wore many hats and could be nominated for multiple roles, check as many boxes as would apply. Remember, the checkboxes are ONLY for people who have lead in the listed role and would receive the nomination. Except for actors, LEAVE BOXES BLANK if they simply worked in the department. Producers are automatically listed and nominated as producer. If you, as producer, have more nominatable roles than that, update your record accordingly.

Q: In Personnel, can multiple people have the same checkbox marked?
A: Yes. If you have a sub-team that should be nominated for a task, such as a writing team or multiple composers, create a separate record for each person and check the same box for each person on that sub-team. Remember that if they win the award, there will only be one trophy (though you can purchase more trophys).

Q: In Personnel, do I need to list all actors, including extras?
A: Yes. Create a record for each person that appears on camera and choose "Actor." Under "Role," choose "Other" if they are not Lead or Supporting. If they have no name in your script, describe what they're doing in the "On-Screen Appearance" blank. Remember, a Lead actor/actress is one around whom the story revolves. A Supporting actor/actress is one who supports the Lead. An "Other" is an incidental character or background extra, or off-camera voiceover. For Animations, list your voice acting talent as Lead and Supporting as would be appropriate.

Q: In Personnel, if I edit the Signing Producer record to add additional roles, the checkbox for "Producer/Co Producer" does not stay checked. Do I have to create another record?
A: No. If you look at the top, you'll see a lock that says "This individual is the 'Signing Producer' for this entry." The "Producer/Co-Producer" checkbox is for if you have additional producers who should share the nomination.