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Angel Studios Collaboration FAQ

What is a "Torch?"

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Angel Studios Collaboration FAQ

For 2023, Angel Studios has agreed to review up to ten (10) 168 Film Project Films. These films will be given an invitation to become a “Torch.” We call this the "Angel Invitation."

A torch is a shorter vision of a larger film. According to Angel Studios: A Torch is a prototype video that is at least five minutes long and accurately represents what the final production will look like. The Torch should give the average viewer a good understanding of the plot, tone, and pace of the story; therefore, the Torch must be a representative sample of the final production.  

Examples of Torches are available at angel.com/torches

Angel Studios Guild members will then review and vote on Torches. These invited films from 168 will also be screened by members of Angel’s Executive Team. 168 filmmakers will have access to data and resulting feedback from the Angel Guild voting process. Angel may choose to work with the producer to expand and develop the concept into a feature film or streaming/TV series.

An Angel Invitation DOES NOT GUARANTEE funding or distribution of the invited film.
"Proof of Concept" Entries ARE NOT GUARANTEED an Angel Invitation.
This information is subject to change without notice.

Angel Invitation Q&A

Q: What is a “Torch?”
A: According to Angel, “The Torch proves you can assemble and lead a team to turn your vision into reality.” A well-executed 168 film does exactly that.

Q: Why is it called a “Torch?”
Angel Studios named the “torch” for the story of the French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who created the Statue of Liberty in New York City. He was the first to use crowdfunding in making his art. To “sell” his project, he built a full-size replica of Lady Liberty’s torch. This inspired the public to donate the needed funds. The “torch” shows off the vision of a much larger project in an excellent way.

Q: Who will determine which films receive an Angel Invitation?
A: The 168 jury will make the final determinations. Invitations will only be given to excellent films or very good films with great stories.

Q: How many Invitations will be given? When will this be announced?
A: Up to 10 Invitations will be announced at the 168 Film Festival Awards Show, Nov. 4, 2023, at the Trilith Town Stage in the Atlanta area.

Q: Which 168 film types will qualify for an Angel Invitation?
A: All 168 Film Project Entry Types  can qualify for an Angel invitation. While the Proof of Concept film type closely resembles one kind of Torch, all film types are eligible for the Invitation.

Q: What specific film types does Angel want?
A: Angel’s list includes “Christian, Comedy, Drama, Documentary and Kids Shows.” ANY genre or sub-genre can work.

Q: Can Torches be 2 or 3 scenes put together?
A: Yes it can be 2 or 3 scenes put together to show the concept of the larger project. It CANNOT be a trailer. So, if multiple scenes are put together quickly in a trailer format, that won't work. But if multiple scenes are put together where the flow is continuous for a couple of minutes each with a short break between them, that would be fine. Recently a torch was submitted with two scenes from a longer movie, and each was 4 minutes, so the total Torch was 8 minutes. That worked great. 

Q: Are Both Speed and Non-Speed Films eligible for the Angel Invitation?
A: Yes of course, both categories have always been vibrant and awe-inspiring at the top. We expect them both to fare well in the Angel invitations.

Q: What will not eligible for the Angel Invitation?
A: Films that violate content and award eligibility rules will not be considered. Behind-the Scenes/"Making of 168" films are not eligible.

Q: Does a film have to win an award from 168 to receive an invitation?
A: Not necessarily. 

Q: Do I have to submit my film to Angel as a Torch if I receive an invitation?
A: No. This is at the producer’s option. You may decline the invitation. 

Q: What's the difference between a Torch and a "Proof of Concept" (POC) 168 film?
A: The primary difference is that, like all other 168 films, a Proof of Concept film needs a Scriptural foundation. Producers will choose a verse from the Bible around which the story or concept revolves. Scriptural Integration - how well the story captures the essence of the verse and its context - will continue to be 20% of the film's "grade" during judging for 168 awards.

Q: Will 168 Film have ownership or royalties to my feature/series resulting from this?
A: No, 168 film will not own any part of your feature or series. However, if you do end up making millions, we would gladly accept a nice donation from your net profits. 😊

Q: Can I use my invitation to send a film other than the one in the competition?
A: No.

Q: What advice can you give that will help me earn an Angel Invitation?
A: Pray and do your very best to develop your story. Learn and grow from your journey as you encounter and visualize God’s Word.

Q: How does the 168 Angel Invitation differ from the normal process of submitting a Torch to Angel Studios?
A: Angel Studio's Arthur Van Wagenen (Business Affairs) answers that question, talking about benefits for artists who receive an Angel Invitation: