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2023 Write of Passage Semi-Finalists Announced

By John Ware on
2023 Write of Passage Semi-Finalists Announced

The first round of judging is complete and we are pleased to announce the Semi-Finalists for the 2023 Write of Passage Competition.  The semi-finalist script titles are:

  • 23-DE01-W01 When In Bloom - A flower shop worker must decide where to bloom after the pandemic.
  • 23-DE01-W05 Uprooted - An angry teenager and his mother clash after a stepdad relocates the family.
  • 23-DE02-W08 In Her Time - As her older sister's memories fade, Ellie creates a memory garden to illuminate the past.
  • 23-DE02-W10 Road Life - Emma's life is 'officially over,' due to her family's public RV tour supporting dad's best seller.
  • 23-DE03-W13 Reaching Naomi - The mother of a cerebral palsy victim can't accept compassion from the church. 
  • 23-DE03-W17 It’s About Time - A wealthy man-child goes back in time to cover a fatal mistake with the woman he loves.
  • 23-DE03-W18 Late To Church - A father is all wet when his daughter backs out of her baptizm.
  • 23-DE04-W19 The Thyme Keeper - A loving murderer ponders a time to kill.
  • 23-DE04-W20 Split Second - A best friend ponders a time to kill a friendship.
  • 23-DE05-W25 Penfold - A geeky teenager's quest for a girl is interrupted by the school bully.
  • 23-DE05-W26 Hello - A grieving husband receives mysterious calls from his rival.
  • 23-DE05-W28 A Season for Rose - Entrusting her life to a cruel man, a rare Persian rose fears losing her true essence.
  • 23-DE06-W31 Savor - A grieving chef learns to savor precious moments with his wife and three daughters.
  • 23-DE06-W34 Everything - A son wonders if it's ok to tell a lie in desperate times.
  • 23-DE07-W37 The Ashen Blue - A precious, unborn child is an alien to the Collective.
  • 23-DE07-W40 A Birthday Surprise - Familiar values are challenged when a Texas pre-teen son invites a stranger home.

To assure fair judging, entries are anonymized.  Writers are (in alphabetical order):

  • Kevyn Bashore - Chattahoochee Hills, GA
  • Mirachelle Canada - Dumfries, VA
  • Jeff Chaves - North Las Vegas, NV
  • Deborah Clem - South Pasadena, CA
  • Cheri Daly - North Augusta, SC
  • Rhonda Dragomir - Versailles, KY
  • Sandi Eberhardt - Brea CA 
  • Jonathan Filion - Palmdale, CA. 
  • Darlo O. Gemeinhardt - Alexander City, AL
  • J.D. Hughes & Latifa Hughes - La Habra, CA 
  • Simon Kennedy - Queensland, Australia
  • Larry Kimber - Fukuoka-shi, Japan
  • Andrew E Matthews - Lesmurdie, WA, Australia
  • Lynn Page - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Susan Shearer - Bonita, CA
  • Joshua Sheridan, Sadie Sheridan - Canyon Country, CA

Development Executives (DE’s) shape & refine developing writers by giving hope, encouragement and critique. They also pick the 1/4 Finalists.

  • James M. De Vince, Writer/Producer, “My Name Is Melissa.” Story Mechanic, and Writing Mentor
  • William G Jones, Writing Mentor, WP Winner 2013, “Stop Being A Jerk”
  • Tela Kayne, President/Chief Brand Storyteller - The Virtue Agency, Associate Producer, Bait & Tackle (in development), Former Development Executive for Chris Sievernich (The Quiet American, The Wedding Planner, Nurse Betty)
  • Lance Ochsner, Writer, Editor and Writing Mentor
  • Cindy O’Halloran – Writer/Script Supervisor/Script Consultant  for “The Forgotten Father” at Parabolic Pictures and Radio Dramatist, “Grace & Truth” radio ministry at JCAD Radio in the Philippines.
  • Yvette Sams, Yvette Sams, is a writer/director/producer with many projects in development including her family drama series, Edge of the South and several Christmas projects. She wrote the film A Royal Surprise currently streaming on BET Network.
  • Aaron Ybarra, Actor, Writer and Writing Mentor

Here’s how our WP Juries evaluate the verse:

Scriptural Integration (SI) is how skillfully and artistically the story uses the assigned verse as a foundation. First, the story must be respectful to the Bible. The verse should act like a synopsis. Are all of the verse story points addressed? Secondly, a higher rating is scored for representation of the verse’s meaning in the context of the passage. Subtlety is encouraged and symbolism need not be obvious (i.e. one character represents Jesus or Israel, etc). The best films communicate both the spirit and the letter of the verse in a wondrous way. We place a high value on redemption, despite the darkness of a particular verse. 


Feb 24 (Fr) Publish Semi-Finalists: 168film.com
Mar 03 (Fr) Publish 10 Finalists: 168film.com - Audience Favorite Voting Starts
Mar 07 (Tu) WP Jury Winner Announced, Winner Interviewed
Mar 10 (Fr) 5pm PT/8PM ET WP Audience Favorite Voting Closes
Mar 14 (Tu) Audience Favorite Announced

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