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2022 Festival Program

19th Annual 168 Film Festival

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2022 Festival Program


  • "Speed" - Films that are made in the one-week (168 hour) timeframe, after 10 days of preproduction following receipt of randomly assigned Bible verse.
  • "Alumni" - Films produced by previous 168 participants on their own time frame and from a Bible verse they chose. Alumni films may be written spedifically for the competition or may use a pre-existing script.
  • "Documentary" - Documentary films produced without the one-week constraints of speed films
  • "Kid Vid" - Films that are produced especially for younger audiences
  • "Animation" - films that use animataion of any type to tell the story, without the one-week constraints
  • "Write of Passage Spotlight" - Films produced using a script from the Write of Passage competition without the one-week deadline
  • "Open" - Films entered into the Open category may be pre-existing or produced specifically for the festival by newcomers to 168. Open films compete only for the Best Open Film award.

Friday 9:30am

Love the One (Animation)

A spacecraft commander is unable to stop asteroids from being sent as judgment to Earth and sends his only son to turn the hearts of the people back to God before it is too late.

David Whitehill, Franklin, TN, USA

Malachi 4:6        



Faith Extraction (Speed)

A rich man learns that faith cannot be stolen, but it can be shared.

Zuberi Smith, LaShunda Smith – Lancaster, CA, USA

1 John 5:3-5



A Tip of the Hat (Write of Passage)         

A young boxer may throw the big fight; will he catch his grandfather’s good advice?

J.R. Larsen – Fairfax, VA, USA      

Jeremiah 1:7-8



Bridge Six (Speed)

Restoration happens on an LA freeway bridge

Jose Lombera – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Acts 3:19-20



Eternal Faith (Speed)    

A hopeless mother reflects on past traumas during a visit with her daughter.

Jasmine Wilkins – Rex, GA, USA

Psalm 23:1-3



Washed Up (Legacy Film 2015)

A “washed up” action hero actor finds restoration when his daughter finds him.

Brandon Carmichael, Danielle Wheeler
Director: Mark Blitch, Writers: Jason Walter Vaile & Mark Blitch

Mark 5:34



Block 2: Friday 10:45AM

Tap Out (Alumni)            

Nominated for an award, a woman struggles with worthiness.                   

Kerstin Thiel – Indianapolis, IN, USA

Psalm 23:1-3



Once Again (Speed)

Becca used to believe in love. A surprising encounter may resurrect her dreams.

Ayanna Anene - Van Nuys, CA, USA

Luke 7:14-15



Laruen's Choice (Speed)

A woman has to make a life-changning choice.

Tamia, Dow - Las Vegas, NV, USA

Jeremiah 29:11



Lot Boy (Speed)

A struggling used car salesman is demoted to ‘Lot Boy.’

Deborah E. Brown – Nampa, ID, USA

Jeremiah 15:19



Skywatch: The Duster of Doom (Legacy – 2014)

A clumsy janitor inherits control of a doomsday weapon.

John DeVries - Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Ephesians 1:17

12 Noon - Presentation

  • Shroud of Turin Presentation with Russ Breault (in auditorium) - Display opens in Shipyard (next door)

12:30PM - Lunch - Walk to Trilith restaurants

2:00 PM Panel: "L.A.vs GA - Film Industry Trends"

  • As competition for filmmaking dollars evolves, L.A. & GA parity is becoming a real possibility. What are the implications of this new paradigm for studio films and indie films? What does this mean for the future of faith films in light of recent deals announced with secular studios making faith films. What does the future hold for the industry? Panelists: Billy Dickson (ASC) is a Director/Writer/DP/Producer with 400+ hours of prime time TV and two Emmy nominations. He photographed and directed Ally McBeal, One Tree Hill and Believe, voted Best Christian film of 2016. He is still active in the industry and leads Landmark Christian Film Academy; Cameron Arnett, Actor/Director, I Still Believe and Overcomer; Wes Llewellyn, Director/Producer The Moment After I & IIIt’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, The Farmer and the Belle; Amanda Llewellyn, Producer/Writer, The Moment After I & IIIt’s Supernatural with Sid Roth.  Moderator: John David Ware, Writer-Director, Unbridled, Producer, Final Frequency.

Block 3: Friday 3:30PM

From Pathos to Praise (Speed)

A prodigal daughter seeks forgiveness as she returns home to live with dad.

Joanne Barnes – Norcross, GA, USA

>Romans 15:13



Saltwater Remedy (Speed)

Estranged surfers ride the ups and downs of their relationship after the death of a friend.

Adam Beck – Visalia, CA, USA

2 Corinthians 5:17



The White Candle (OPEN)

A financially struggling timeshare representative meets an angel during a sales pitch.

Natalie A. Meza, USA



Memories Out of the Ashes (Speed)

Responsible for her father’s death, a daughter gets a long overdue call from her estranged mother.

Dellis Caden-Noble – Atlanta, GA, USA

Amos 9:14



The Generous Illusion (OPEN)

A penniless street magician fiancée seems like such a giving soul.

Ted Cox - UK



As If It Were (Speed)

A recovered addict yearns to connect with his reluctant son.

Elizabeth Powell – Senoia, GA, USA




Good News? (Legacy 2011)

A man's life radically changes when his fiancee returns from a Christian retreat. Musical Comedy

Theo Love, Jesse Love, Eric Lee, Susu Keepman Lee, Los Angeles, CA USA

Romans 5-15

5:30pm  DINNER BREAK (Walk to Trilith restaurants)


"Final Frequency" is the result of the 168 Feature Film Pitch Competition. Contest winners Rachel Lowry and Director Tim Lowry graduated, from shorts to making feature films. 

Logline: A student ties unusual L.A. tremors to rogue scientists, who will weaponize Tesla's secrets and cause earthquakes if they can find his lost notebook. It's Dove approved and safe for the family (12 & up). At the center of the conflict, there is a subtle argument about the value of human life. Stars: Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny, The Magicians), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT, Stargirl), Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives), Kim Estes (Emmy Winner-Dicks, NCIS) and Josh Murray (Killing Lincoln The Missing Twin).

8:00 PM   OPENING PARTY - Location to be announced


Block 4: Saturday 10:00AM

Steppin' – a Chicago Dance (Documentary)

A Chicago Dance tradition explored.

Gwen McGee -  Tulare, CA, USA

Psalm 30:11-12



It’s Not All About Me (Speed)

A high school stud(ent) learns that he is NOT the center of the universe.

Billy Dickson - Newnan, GA, USA

Ruth 4:13-14



All Those Years Ago (OPEN)

A young nurse hears confessions of an elderly woman’s long-lost love, who may be very close by!

David Hughens – Decatur, GA, USA

1 Peter 5:10



Home (Speed)

Tormented by his sin, a man leaves home in search of a treasure that will restore his soul.

Cam Nails - Dallas, GA, USA

Psalm 51:10-12



With You (Speed)

A father tries to unite his son’s family during a threatened divorce.

Joanne Atienza, Ryan Ito – Chatsworth, CA, USA

2 Corinthians 13:11


11:00 AM - FEATURE DOCUMENTARY "SuperSpreader" (80 min)

This feature-length documentary shows evangelical Christian singer Sean Feucht, who stood up for religious liberties by holding mass outdoor worship concerts during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The rollercoaster ride that followed took him and his family on a journey into some of the most dangerous parts of America. Many found salvation in Jesus Christ and were delivered from addiction, depression and despair. Produced by Michael Mauldin.

12:15 PM - Lunch - Walk to Trilith restaurants

  • Shroud of Turin presentation with Russ Breault in auditorium
  • Visit Shroud of Turin display in Shipyard

1:30 PM - PANEL  "Defending the 1st Amendment Biblically"

The Bible says to obey leaders and show proper respect, but Jesus' disciples, and others refused the mandate to be silent. How should the church respond when leaders encroach on protected speech and religious liberty? Guests: Michael Mauldin, Producer of the feature film, "SuperSpreader," (screening 11am, Nov. 5th), which shows how worship leader Sean Feucht held mass outdoor worship concerts during the COVID-19 lockdowns when the church was deemed “non-essential” by governmental edict; Pastor William Cook, Founder of America's Black Robe Regiment, a network that equips & informs pastors on their legal and God-given rights. Moderator: John David Ware, 168 Founder/Director, Writer/Director/Producer (Unbridled, Final Frequency). 


Block 5: Saturday 3:00PM

The Sprayer (OPEN – Animation)

A tyrannical government forbids green plants; but one soldier seems to have a heart. Iran. MATURE THEMES       

Farnoosh Abedi - Iran



State of The Art (Speed)

Unpaid bills cause an artist to forge ahead, compromising the integrity of his paintings.

Tobi Gadison – Laverock, PA, USA

Matthew 6:33



End Game (Alumni)

A dark messenger enlightens a man’s existential question. – Animation, MATURE THEMES

Amir Shehata - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Galations 6:1



The Light of Pip (Speed)

Despite a mother’s fears, a daughter is still the key to a homeless stranger’s salvation.

Ken Merritt - Canton, GA, USA

Psalm 103:1-5



Billy Rapture (Alumni)

A family wonders: If Grandpa was raptured, where did we go wrong? – Comedy

Deborah Kay – Superior, AZ, USA

1 Corinthians 15:52



Birthday Brash   (Alumni)

Grandma has a love-hate relationship with her family and their squabbling, online birthday chatter. - Comedy

Susan Shearer – Bonita, CA, USA
Director: Christopher Shawn Shaw 

Psalm 23:5




Block 6: Saturday 4:30PM

True Identity (Kidvid – Age 9+)

A young girl’s imprecise, surgical journey to her true identity. SENSITIVE THEMES

Tim Lowry, Rachel Lowry – Crockett, TX, USA

Psalm 71:20-21



Il Capolavoro [The Masterpiece] (Alumni)

Like a master portrait, damaged humans can only be restored by the hand of the Master Painter.

Deborah E. Brown – Italy

2 Corinthians 4:16



Outlast (Speed)

Young-adults traverse a post-apocalyptic landscape, fleeing from a deadly, radioactive storm.

Kat Lee – Atlanta, GA, USA

Exodus 17:4-6



The Son of My Life (Speed)

An estranged father and son connect through love, acceptance and a harmonica.

Víctor Carrera Pérez – Quito, Ecuador

Psalm 71:20



Where is My Song? (Speed)

A memory loss victim must find the one song to win her freedom – Speed Musical.

John Lockmer – Los Angeles, CA , USA

John 14:26-27 


Message from John David Ware

Dear Friend of 168,

It’s been a rough couple of years. But this year, our theme is RESTORATION!

And, I feel a dynamic moving of the Lord’s Spirit. He has spoken clearly as he did at the start of 168. Back then, I was young and unsure of what to do. 

So, God showed me a passage in Haggai on the very day referenced in the text, which was Sept. 24! 

The passage talked a lot about scarcity, but at last it said, “From this day forward, I will bless you.” And that was when 168 really took off! Haggai (2:10-19) 

I now feel the “Early Days” type of excitement again, a spark, a fire & new wine in the skins. The Lord is giving 168 a Rebirth that we will soon understand and know what it means.

Our challenges are massive as we embrace His vision.

Please support this move of the Lord here with prayers and donations.

Welcome to the 168 Film Festival.