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168 Film Festival 2017 Recap

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168 Film Festival 2017 Recap

Team "Brother" Awarded Best Speed Film with Presenters TC Stallings, Bill Ewing and John David Ware – Photo by William A. Kidston

"Brother" takes Speed Category at 168 Film Fest 2017

LOS ANGELES, CA – Speed film, Brother was honored as the Best Speed Film at the fifteenth Annual 168 Film Festival at Regal Cinemas Premiere House at LA LIVE (Aug. 26-27, 2017).

"Brother" also got the nod for Best Actor-Chad Brannon as Jordan, Best Cinematography-Chris Hussar and Best Sound Design-Sean Massey. The film gained 13 nominations including dueling best supporting actor nominations for Parker Mack and for former Columbia Pictures production executive and actor, Bill Ewing.  Ewing plays the father of two battling brothers, who are rushing to save their father on a tiny ship in deep space.

"Brother" was produced by Chris Hussar and directed by Daniel Furukawa, Best Speed Film winner in 2014 (producer/director of What Showers Bring).  According to Furukawa, “We shot 'Brother' in 14 hours with about $800, proving that limited budget and time excuses should not keep us from creating meaningful art. 168 gives filmmakers the opportunity to get better.“

Hussar said, "It’s an opportunity to challenge ourselves and try new things. If you want to be pushed and reach the next level, join up and have fun!"

Hussar and Furukawa are one of nine finalists who will pitch their team and a script in hopes of being selected as the partner to make the 8168 Feature Film in 2018. Eligible finalists include: Best Speed Film (and 1st and 2nd Runner Ups), Best VR Film, Best KidVid, Best International Film, Best Write of Passage Film, Best Alumni Film and James De Vince, Best Writer 168 Days Screenwriting Competition for “Military Grade.”  Writers may submit (action-adventure, thriller, mystery, sci-fi or kids/family adventure only) 1-Sheet and script to [email protected].

Runner-up best speed film was perennial front-runner and 10-time 168 producer, David Kiang’s "Talentland," a "La La Land" -esque musical romp, astoundingly churned out in 168 hours by composer Guy Moon, Best Original Score winner with help from Savannah Moon, David Kiang and Joshua M. Bott.  "Talentland" won for production design-Megan Mantia, Makeup/Hair-Camille Dupin, Veronica Rodarte, Bruna Nogueira and Best Editor-David Kiang. 

Kiang said, “I couldn’t have done my first musical without this cast and crew, especially my composer Guy Moon. 168 enables filmmakers to challenge themselves and think outside the box with themes and verses of faith, to dare to make films that surprise and delight the audience as well as the filmmakers themselves.”

"Under Water" was named the 2nd runner-up Speed Film, with a Best director nod for Wes Llewellyn and Best Screenplay and Best Scriptural Integration to Amanda and Wes Llewellyn. Best Supporting Actress honors went to Amy Sutherland as Leia.

Best Actress went to Juliana Hansen as Katherine in Chase Baker’s Here; Best Actor (non-speed) went to Greg Dean as Harry in Molly Vernon’s Write of Passage film, "Abide;" and the Best Supporting Actor was Monte James as Carl in Penny Gibben’s "Opposite Actions."

Best KidVid went to 10-year-old repeat winner, Rachel Lowry for "Lost." Best International Film was "The Gift" by Andrew Matthews. Best Write of Passage Film was "Abide" by Molly Vernon.

Best Alumni Film went to the Best Director (non-speed) winner, producer/director Sheila Hart for "Remember Me," which featured Emmy Nominee Alyvia Alyn Lind as Little Maddie, acting opposite her real mother, Barbara Alyn Woods (Deb Scott on the series, "One Tree Hill"). Lind was nominated for an Emmy award in the category of Best Younger Actress on "The Young and the Restless." Lind portrayed Dolly Parton at 9 years old, in NBC Universal's "Coat Of Many Colors."

At the 168 Film Festival, mother and daughter were both nominated in the supporting category, but 9-year-old Alyvia won the award for Best Supporting Actress (non-speed). The Best Supporting Actor award went to Victor Browne as Michael Jensen and the Best Actress was Hana Hayes as Maddy Jensen. "Remember Me" composer George Oldziey also won Best Score (non-speed).

Best Music Video went to Remedy by Sheila Hart.  Best Documentary and Evangelista Awards went to Dianne Butts for "The Door" an exposé on a pastor who witnessed his daughter’s death in a car wreck and used it to save others that night.

Audience Favorite Awards went to Gary Emrick for "One Nightstand" and to Sheila Hart for "Remember Me."

Best “168 Open” Film honors went to "Super" by actor/producer Josh Murray and to the runner up, "An Ocean Away” by Bob Arvin.

Jen Tousey & Paul Moran won in the first ever Virtual Reality category for their film "The Father's Love."

168 Founder and President John David Ware said, “It was a year of growth for 168 Film and these artists. Everyone has stretched to reach their full potential and now we go into development mode towards our first feature production with one of the 9 finalists.”

The 168 Film Project has inspired well over 1000 films created by an estimated 18,000 cast and crew. Entries now open for 168 Film Project and Write of Passage short screenwriting competition. See www.168film.com.

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THE WINNERS 2017: (Show Order)

  • Best Make-Up & Hair - Camille Dupin, Veronica Rodarte, Bruna Nogueira, Talentland
  • Best “Making of” 168 - Making of Remember Me, Sheila Hart
  • Best Sound Design - Sean Massey, Brother
  • Best Original Score Guy Moon (Savannah Moon, David Kiang, Guy Moon, and Joshua M. Bott, Talentland
  • Best Score (non-speed) - George Oldziey, Remember Me
  • Best Production Design - Megan Mantia, Talentland
  • Best Screenplay - Amanda & Wes Llewellyn, Under Water
  • Best Scriptural Integration - Amanda & Wes Llewellyn, Under Water
  • Evangelista Award - Dianne E. Butts, The Door
  • Best Editor - David Kiang, Talentland
  • Best Cinematography - Chris Hussar, Brother
  • Best Supporting Actor - Monte James as Carl, Opposite Actions
  • Best Supporting Actor (non-speed) - Victor Browne as Michael Jensen, Remember Me
  • Best Supporting Actress - Amy Sutherland as Leia, Under Water
  • Best Supporting Actress (non-speed) - Alyvia Alyn Lind as Little Maddie, Remember Me
  • Best Actress - Juliana Hansen as Katherine, Here
  • Best Actress (non-speed) - Hana Hayes as Maddy Jensen, Remember Me
  • Best Actor Chad Brannon as Jordan, Brother
  • Best Actor (non-speed) - Greg Dean as Harry (Father), Abide
  • Best Director - Wes Llewellyn, Under Water
  • Best Director (non-speed) - Remember Me, Sheila Hart
  • Audience Favorite One Nightstand, Gary Emrick
  • Audience Favorite Remember Me, Sheila Hart
  • Runner Up Best “168 Open” Film - An Ocean Away, Bob Arvin
  • Best “168 Open” Film - Super, Josh Murray
  • Best Documentary - The Door, Dianne E. Butts
  • Best VR Film - The Father's Love, Jen Tousey & Paul Moran
  • Best Music Video - Remedy, Sheila Hart
  • Best KidVid - Lost, Rachel Lowry
  • Best International Film - The Gift, Andrew Matthews
  • Best Write of Passage Film - Abide, Molly Vernon
  • Best Alumni Film - Remember Me, Sheila Hart
  • 2ND Runner Up Best Speed Film - Under Water, Amanda Llewellyn
  • Runner Up Best Speed Film - Talentland, David Kiang
  • Best Speed Film - Chris Hussar, Brother