2nd Annual 168 Film Festival Awards 2004

Theme: "Proverbs"

168 Platinum Awards 2004

  • Best Film: Jim O'Keeffe, Dawn O'Keeffe & Talin Parseghian for "Max"
  • Best Director: Nathan Boehme for "Tristan"
  • Best Cinematography: Tristan Cree Jackson and Nathan Boehme for "Tristan"
  • Best Editor: Tristan Cree Jackson and Nathan Boehme for "Tristan"
  • Best Screenplay: Luke Schelhaas for "Max"
  • Best Sound Design: James Covell & Mark Merthe for "Max"
  • Best Production Design: Jim O'Keeffe & Crew for "Max"
  • Best Scriptural Integration: Tristan Cree Jackson for "Tristan"
  • Best Actor: Jou Jou Papailler as "Rusell" in "By Means of Natural Selection"
  • Best Actress: Toni Deaver as "Hostage Lady" in "By Means of Natural Selection"
  • Best Supporting Actor: Robert Curtis Brown as "Will" in "Max"
  • Best Supporting Actress: Brooke Bloom as "Renee" in "811 Solomon Lane"
  • Best Original Score: Richard Allen for "Boomerang" a Pumpkin Pictures Production


  • Film: Todd Coleman for "Thanksgiving"
  • Director: Ben Hopkins for "Gint"
  • Cinematography: David Sammons for "The Wager"
  • Editing: Jeff Moriarity & Matthew Herrier for "By Means of Natural Selection"
  • Screenplay: Claire Soares for "Pack Mule"
  • Production Design: Brian Potter for "Fatal Illusion"
  • Actress: Josephine Gammell as "Collee" in "Thanksgiving"
  • Actress: Cassandra Mack as "Erica" in "Back to the Start"
  • Actor: Gary Bayer as "Gary" in "Boomerang"
  • Actor: Justin Fair as "Josh" in "811 Solomon Lane"
  • Supporting Actress: Gabrilla Recillas as "Gabby" in "Heaven Cent"
  • Supporting Actor: Barry J. Lynch as "Bobby" in "The Wager"
  • Original Score: Don Griffin & Lisa Haley for "The Wager"