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Welcome to the 168 Online Film School. In our classrooms you'll find valuable sessions on filmmaking for both short films (168 Film Project speed/nonspeed films) and features. Purchase individual classes below, or get them all with an Access Pass.  All purchases grant you one year of access to the resources.

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Producer's Workshop A to Z (2017)

Producer's WorkshopThis workshop is geared for participants in the 168 Film Project, but is valuable for any short film producer. Learn best practices and strategies for each of the five phases of filmmaking; Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production and Marketing/Distribution. Finding the right story and effective pitching for success in today's market. Learn how to do a 168 Film and how to succeed in the "Faith Genre." This may be the best one-day Film Production Seminar in L.A. Instructor: Derrick R Warfel is the Producer of "The Fall of Night," and “Laleh,” the true story of the first Iranian female race car driver, who fights against tradition and the theocracy bent on stopping her.

To discuss cameras, we welcome Dominic Bartolone. He is a Film and TV Camera and Stedicam Operator. His credits include, several 168 Films and Collateral, Open Range, Flicka, Rush Hour 3, Cowboys and Aliens, The Closer, Heroes, JAG, Reno 911, Southland, Longmire, The Brink and many more. Dominic recently finished the feature film Billionaire Boys Club and MTV's hit show Teen Wolf. www.dominicbartolone.com/

Sponsor: Montrose Church

Class is free for current-season 168 Film Project producers. (Use your producer login.)

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Feature Writing Online Master Class

This 7-hour course will teach you best practices and strategies for developing powerful ideas and stories that sell. We will cover story superstructure, theme, plot, creating compelling characters, dialogue, and narrative.

Instructor: Derrick R. Warfel is the Writer-Producer of multiple award-winning feature "Midnight Reckoning," a Development Executive on Paramount's “Captive," and Co-Producer on "Laleh," an auto racing film shooting in the Middle East.

SYLLABUS: Basic Rules of Storytelling - Messaging - A Schedule for Writing a Feature - Four Basic Character Arcs - Sources for the Greatest Stories & Characters - Steps to Being a Successful Writer - The Blank Page - Plot-Character-Theme: A Mathematical Puzzle - Feedback: Writer’s Groups - Turning Points in Every Screenplay - The Pixar Formula - Supporting Characters – Don’t Get Stuck in Act Two - Trimming the Fat - Character Arcs & Subplots - Creating Sustained Interest - Tricks to Keep Your Audience Riveted – Writing Three Dimensionally - Pitfalls That Kill Story - Writing a Scene Step-by-Step - Powerful, Believable, Compelling Dialogue - Covert Exposition - Vivid Action Lines

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Feature Production Overview Online Master Class

Coming Soon!

After successful shorts, how do you graduate to producing successful indie features? This deep immersion course teaches best practices and strategies for Fundraising, Negotiating, Contracts, Legal Protection and Representation, Creating a Budget, Casting, Unions, Delivery Requirements, Music Licensing, Trailers, Foreign Sales, Festivals and Distribution, Secrets of Netflix and Amazon, MPAA Ratings, Chain of Title and more. 

Instructors: Derrick R. Warfel is Writer-Producer of award-winning feature "Midnight Reckoning," Development Executive on Paramount's “Captive," and Co-Producer on "Laleh," an auto racing film shooting in the Middle East. John David Ware, 168 Film Founder and Director of “Unbridled,” starring T.C. Stallings (War Room) and Eric Roberts (Dark Knight).

SYLLABUS: * Marketable Scripts, Contracts, Chain of Title * Forming a Business Entity to Raise Financing * Partnering with a Production Co. * Packaging (Bus. Plan, Schedule, Budget, Disclaimers, Presentation Deck) * Legal * Finding Investors, Crowd Funding, Tax Credits * Unions, Residuals, Rehearsals * Vendors, Rentals * Tech Decisions, Post  * Payroll, Accounting * Insurance * Studios * Set Responsibilities * Development vs. Preproduction * Scheduling * Pre-Marketing: website, social media, * Artistic Prep, Production Design, Cinematography * Tech Scout, Pre-vis * Locations * Solving Production Problems * Final Output * MPAA Rating * Press Kit * Sales Agents, Publicists, Distributors, Festivals, * iTunes, Amazon Netflix, and much more.

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