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Feature Screenwriting Online Master Class FMC001

This 7-hour course will teach you best practices and strategies for developing powerful ideas and stories that sell. We will cover story superstructure, theme, plot, creating compelling characters, dialogue, and narrative.

Instructor: Derrick R. Warfel is the Writer-Producer of multiple award-winning feature "Midnight Reckoning," a Development Executive on Paramount's "Captive," and Co-Producer on "Laleh," an auto racing film shooting in the Middle East.


Basic Rules of Storytelling - Secrets of Messaging - Brainstorming the Best Ideas & Characters - A Schedule for Writing a Feature - Four Basic Character Arcs - Sources for the Greatest Stories - Steps to Being a Successful Writer - The Blank Page and How to Defeat It - Plot-Character-Theme: A Mathematical Puzzle - Working Backwards - Getting Feedback: A Successful Writer's Group - Turning Points in Every Screenplay - The Pixar Formula for Success - Creating Supporting Characters - How to Avoid Getting Stuck & Bogged Down in Act Two - Trimming the Fat Out of Your Story - Character Arcs & Subplots - Creating Sustained Interest for Your Story - Tricks of the Trade to Keep Your Audience Riveted - Creating a Three Dimensional World - Pitfalls That Kill Story - Critical Scene Elements - Step-by-Step Process to Writing a Scene - Powerful, Believable, Compelling Dialogue - Covert Exposition: Keeping Your Audience - Writing Vivid Script Action Lines - Script Evaluation Tools & Rewriting - Dynamic Dialogue

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