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Feature Production Overview Master Class FPOMC

Producing a Feature Film Overview Online Masterclass

After successful shorts, how do you graduate to producing successful indie features? This deep immersion course teaches best practices and strategies for Fundraising, Negotiating, Contracts, Legal Protection and Representation, Creating a Budget, Casting, Unions, Delivery Requirements, Music Licensing, Trailers, Foreign Sales, Festivals and Distribution, Secrets of Netflix and Amazon, MPAA Ratings, Chain of Title and more.

Instructors: Derrick R. Warfel is Writer-Producer of award-winning feature "Midnight Reckoning," Development Executive on Paramount's “Captive," and Co-Producer on "Laleh," an auto racing film shooting in the Middle East. John David Ware, 168 Film Founder and Director of “Unbridled,” starring T.C. Stallings (War Room) and Eric Roberts (Dark Knight).

SYLLABUS: * Marketable Scripts, Contracts, Chain of Title * Forming a Business Entity to Raise Financing * Partnering with a Production Co. * Packaging (Bus. Plan, Schedule, Budget, Disclaimers, Presentation Deck) * Legal * Finding Investors, Crowd Funding, Tax Credits * Unions, Residuals, Rehearsals * Vendors, Rentals * Tech Decisions, Post * Payroll, Accounting * Insurance * Studios * Set Responsibilities * Development vs. Preproduction * Scheduling * Pre-Marketing: website, social media, * Artistic Prep, Production Design, Cinematography * Tech Scout, Pre-vis * Locations * Solving Production Problems * Final Output * MPAA Rating * Press Kit * Sales Agents, Publicists, Distributors, Festivals, * iTunes, Amazon Netflix, and much more.

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