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Benevolence Fund Sharon Cochran

Sharon Cochran

Our good friend Sharon is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and a prayer warrior for the 168 Organization.  Sharon is in need of a miracle, having just lost the love of her life, her husband Chuck (pictured in yellow shirt). Your tax-deductible donation will help her survive in this time of terrible grief.

During the 2017 Christmas season, her beloved Chuck contracted a powerful virus. He experienced weight loss, weakness and intense pain. He was forced to quit the construction job he loved. Tests revealed a mass on his kidney and the first surgery found an aggressive form of cancer. After weeks in the hospital he returned home and Sharon tried to keep them afloat financially. The cancer spread to the lungs and liver, and Chuck developed congestive heart failure.

After a valiant battle, Chuck died on Sharon's birthday in 2018. In the wake of his passing, she is left with the white-hot, searing pain of grief
and with seemingly insurmountable bills to pay. She needs a miracle. Sharon is currently unable to buy groceries or keep the lights on, let alone pay the property taxes and the coming medical bills.

She is determined stay positive and pray it through.

The goal of $20,000 will pay the bills due now and provide cash for things not be covered by insurance. Please give generously as an extension of His hands. Please forward this to everyone you know.  
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