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168 Film Project 2019 Producer Entry

168 Film Project 2019 Producer Entry
$398.00 $348.00

Purchase one (1) entry for the 17th Annual 168 Film Project short film production competition - Entry Deadline May 15.  Read More Here

THEME FOR 2019 "Rebirth" Click for Season Schedule

Grand Prize: To Be Announced

Choose film type:

SPEED FILMS (On Our Schedule):
  • Signature Speed Film - produced and edited in one week, with original script based on a Bible verse assigned to the team 10 days in advance of production start. See schedule for production dates.
  • Student Speed Film - for students in college or public/private/home schools, with adult advisor. Student producers may "name their own deadline."  See Rules.
NON-SPEED FILMS (On your schedule. You may begin after fees are paid and verses choosen)
  • Alumni Films - for 168 alumni ONLY - original or pre-existing script
  • Write of Passage Spotlight - with 168 permission, the producer makes a script from the Write of Passage competition
  • Documentary (7 min max) - Documentary style treatment of event, person(s), teaching video, etc.
  • KidVid (5 min max) - Films for children or youth audiences (age specific)
  • Animation (5 min. max) - Films with animation in every frame: CGI, clay, stop motion, kinetic typography, etc.

Refer to OFFICIAL RULES and DOWNLOAD SAMPLE CONTRACT for complete details.

By email, producer will receive a team number, which must be used in all correspondence and documentation about the film.

An agreement document will be emailed to the producer, spelling out all terms of the agreement. This must be electronically signed and returned within 5 days of receipt. Sample Contract here.

You must use either a pre-existing 168film.com user account or create a new username/password with this purchase.  (If you are unable to purchase with an existing account, please contact us.)


Producers may enter unlimited times for the same or different film types, however EACH ENTRY MUST HAVE ITS OWN 168FILM.COM USER ACCOUNT. If you are entering a 2nd film, use a different login or log out of the site and purchase an entry by creating a new login. (A separate email address is recommended.) Details for the completed film must be entered in the database under the user account with which it was purchased. PLEASE STORE YOUR PASSWORDS SECURELY.


After completing your entry, log in and click the "Manage My Entry" button to review the Producer Dashboard. Upload specs and other requirements are listed. Only the Entrant's user account can access the dashboard. If you wish to delegate management tasks, share your credentials with trusted team members.

Signing in as a producer allows you access to the complete film library and training content. In the dashboard is a code you can share with team members to provide them with access as well.

Entry Fee Schedule

$168 till January 18
$208 through February 18 
$248 through March 15
$298 through April 18
$348 through April 30
$398 until entries close at noon PDT May 15, 2019

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