168 FILM FESTIVAL 2018 - Schedule of Events (Subject to Change)

August 25, 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Team 20        John Lockmer              The Ascent
A man returns home from war.

Team 28        Daphne Grayson          Twins
A twin practices family calamity while studying for the bar exam.

Team 7          LaShunda Smith          Called Beyond
A young girl needs to heed a higher calling.

Team 41        Christina Pineda           D.A.D.
Dad was embarrassing sometimes. (Student)

Team 24        Talisha Oliver               Unharmed
A teenager learns to transform his pain into power through song.

Team 33        Gary Emrick                 Tomorrow
A woman attempts to forgive herself for her abortion.

Team 32        Aser Seifu                     Let's Go
A young boy must battle the hyena. Ethiopia. (Student)

Team 30        Khetphet Phagnasay   Impossible
A mother and daughter suffer abuse from a narcissistic husband.

Team 22        Aaron Ybarra                Dana
Dana describes God's amazing love during and after her painful divorce.

10:40 AM - SCREENING 2

Team 25        Serena Travis              The Refill
A therapist finally learns to listen to his own advice.

Team 23        Deborah Kay                Rattlesnake Ranch
A man's dying wish is to leave the ranch to his loving family of rattlesnakes.

Team 18        Kristina Sullivan          The Storm
Accountants finally figure out they must cry out to the Lord for guidance.

Team 9          Amir Shehata               Your Song
Grace's music makes it hard for her to hear. (Canada)

Team 15        Michael Lugenbuehl    71 For Fun
Comedy: Toni and Tony race to win the same job.

Team 39        LaShunda Smith           The Negotiator
A son must learn to negotiate when the stakes are high.

12:00 PM - LUNCH   


"Great Filmmaking on Limited Resources” with Michael Cioni, Product Director at Panavison. Championship networking to follow.


168 Behind the Scenes Montage 

Team 34        Mason Armour             The Prophet
Comedy: A man has prophetic dreams. But who are they blessing!?

Team 2          Rita Betti                      Sewing Seeds
Doc: Quilters do darn good things for terminal patients.

Team 19        Jason Marsh                Spit Up
An exhausted new dad, struggles to be both father and husband.

Team 13        Marak Baird                  Notes
One teen bullies another online.

Team 36        Dianne Butts                Thoughts and Prayers
A woman discovers the Superhero within as she battles an intruder.

Team 31        Gwen McGee               Sister Care
Doc: A brother's release from jail with dementia complicates life.

Team 8          Brian Wood                  Commissioned
WWII soldier's message could turn the tide of the war for many.


Team 38        David Kiang                 Leverage
A wife discovers her husband's treachery.

Team 27        Silas Firth                     Bread
An old-fashioned baker encourages his middle-aged son to grow up.

Team 3          Deborah Brown           Leo e Mia
A doctor shares his life's challenges and lessons from his single mom. (Italy)

Team 1          Susan Shearer             Wireless
Comedy: A mob enforcer gets religion?

Team 37        Andrew Morehouse     Let Me Go
A woman hiking alone in the forest stumbles upon a wounded man.

Team 29        Maged Hanna               Fhedi
A young boy redefines "power" after being bullied at school. (Egypt)


.Walk the red carpet or enjoy a relaxing dinner at L.A. Live.


With "Final Frequency" featurette & Cast and Crew Q&A. 

"Final Frequency"  A doctoral candidate investigates unusual seismic activity in Los Angeles leading to a cabal of elite scientists, who plan to weaponize Nikola Tesla's most secret research to manipulate thought patterns and earthquakes.  The film stars Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny), Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT), Kirby Bliss Blanton (The Green Inferno), Luke Guldan (The Good Place), Nikki SooHoo (Stick It), Josh Murray (Killing Lincoln), Abhay Walia (Seven Rounds) and Kim Estes (Crossroad). 


Details to come.
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