168 Film Project - A Theme, A Verse, A Week

A seed is not free unless it dies to itself. Freedom is an ALTITUDE.

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168 Entry Categories

168 films can be made in two general categories, "Speed Films" and "Non-Speed" Films. Speed Films must abide by a rigid start time and perform all production and editing in 168 hours. Non-Speed Films may begin anytime after fees are paid, documents signed and producer-selected verses are given. They must be turned in on time.  All films must have readable credits.

"Speed Film" Types:

Signature Speed Films (S)

This is our original Speed Film contest. These short narratives are created by teams around the world, based on a theme and a randomly-assigned scripture. Ten days are allotted for pre-production (writing, casting, locations and schedules). No writing is allowed before the verse is given. Shooting begins at a specific hour and 7-days or 168-hours-later, a finished film is due. To be eligible for 21 categories of awards, all completed films will be uploaded to our server by the deadline. Top entries are invited to screen as Official Selections to the 168 Film Festival and judged by Hollywood Professionals. Length: 11-minutes or less.

Student Speed Films (T)

Key personnel (producer, director, etc.) must be active college or secondary school students.  They must be supervised by one or more adults if the producer is under 18 years old. All Signature Speed Film rules apply, however Production Week may be rescheduled if the schedule conflicts with exams. Student films compete within their own category. Maximum length: 11-minutes or less.

Non-Speed Film Types

Write of Passage Spotlight Films (W)

Scripts for these films come from the Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition. Producers may elect to license and make a Write of Passage screenplay (see WP Rules) and may start as soon as they are greenlit by 168 and entry fees are paid. All films have the same turn-in date. Write of Passage Spotlight films compete only in their own category. Length: 11-minutes or less.

Licensing a Script  Read Eligible Scripts

Documentary (D)

Films based on real-life events or personalities, or a teaching/expository film. Producers choose their foundational verse related to the annual theme and communicate the verse to 168 prior to starting production. Documentaries may begin full production as soon as fees are paid. Length: 11 min. or less.

KidVids (K)

KidVids are stories for younger audiences. Producers will choose the age range for their film. Films may be live action, animations, musicals, or any genre appropriate to the target audience. As a non-speed film, production may start as soon as fees are paid. Producers will choose a foundational Bible verse related to the annual theme. Turn-in date is the same as Signature films. KidVids compete in their own category. Length: 5-minutes or less.

Pure Animation (A)

These up to 5-minute films include Computer Graphics, Motion Capture or other Animation in every frame. Production may begin anytime after fees are paid, documents signed and producer-selected verse is given. Pure Animation films compete in their own category. (NOTE: Films that alternate between live action and animation are "Hybrid" Films and must abide by Speed Film Rules.) Length: 5-minutes or less.

Music Video (M)

Music Videos are limited to 5 minutes in duration. These are films where the visuals enhance or illustrate a song that may be pre-existing or original. Music Videos may begin production immediately after fees are paid. Producers will choose a foundational Bible verse related to the annual theme. Pre-existing music must be properly licensed with documentation.  Length: 5 min. or less.

Behind The Scenes "Making Of" Documentaries (B)

These 5-minute films document the making of any of the other "principle" film types. Making Of Films are optional, but it can be great fun, and very informative to audiences and future 168 teams. Filming may start as soon as the team is formed. No additional fees are required. The documentary is due one week following the principle film's upload. Length: 5-minutes or less.

Season Schedule (Subject To Change)

VERSE ASSIGNMENT (Foundational Verses Randomly Assigned)
Tuesday, May 12, 2015: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Friday, May 22

TURN-IN DAY (Upload must begin BEFORE 11:00 AM PDT)
Friday, May 29. 

MEDIA DAY INTERVIEWS Friday, May 29, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM PDT, Location TBA. Cast and Crews will be interviewed by 168. The media is invited.

13th Annual 168 Film Festival - Saturday and Sunday August 29-30, 2015. Regal Cinemas Premiere House at LA Live!, Los Angeles, CA. Location and Info - Virtual Tour

Entry Fee Schedule

$168 through Feb 2, 2015
$208 through March 9, 2015
$248 through April 13, 2015
$298 through May 5, 2015 (Entries close at noon PDT)

Award Categories

Past Years' Nominees and Winners

Awards categories and recipients for Speed Films:

  • Best Film - to producer *
  • Best Scriptural Integration - to writer
  • Best Comedy - to producer
  • Best International Film - to producer
  • Best Director - to director
  • Best Actress - to actress
  • Best Actor - to actor
  • Best Supporting Actor - to actor
  • Best Supporting Actress - to actress
  • Best Screenplay - Drama - to writer
  • Best Screenplay - Comedy- to writer
  • Best Cinematography - to DP
  • Best Editor - to editor
  • Best Sound Design - to sound designer
  • Best Original Score - to composer
  • Best Production Design - to production designer
  • Best Hair/Makeup - to person with hair/makeup credit

Awards for Other Film Types:

  • Best Documentary - to producer
  • Best Animated Film - to producer
  • Best Music Video - to producer
  • Best KidVid - to producer
  • Best Student Film - to producer 
  • Best Write of Passage Spotlight Film - to producer
  • Festival Audience Favorite - to producer
  • Best "Making Of" Behind-The-Scenes Documentary - to producer of documentary

Evangelista Award:

  • Evangelista honors the writer for creating the tool that best facilitates the telling of the Gospel of Jesus and the Method of Salvation. Directness, Simplicity and a minimum of distraction are core values. Evangelista has raised the bar for Gospel Films. All films except Write of Passage Spotlight are eligible.

 * Producer is the "Signing Producer," the owner of the film.