Why Support 168?

We shape Filmmakers - who shape Hollywood (and the media) - which shapes our children and the world.

Stories fascinate children. Think about that for a moment. How much do your pay to your cable company each month to pump media into your home? Their goal is to make money and serve all audiences. That means some very good and some very bad programming is available to you and your children. What is the effect of the media over a lifetime?

We want to provide an alternative. Since 2003 we've been shaping the careers of media professionals who now find themselves in starring or support roles on major productions. In the future, we will directly impact the culture with original programming from some of our brightest stars.

Do you believe that Judeo/Christian Ideas should have a voice in Hollywood? Join us now with a Tax-Deductible Donation to 168 Film and help us fulfill the vision.

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Strategic Giving

We make a big difference in this most strategic place, Hollywood. See the Impact Page to understand more about the cultural impact. Our success has even caused a secular film festival to offer a faith-based category in partnership with 168.

Please give generously. To keep entry and membership fees reasonable, we rely on donations, grants and major gifts. Any donation, regardless how small, is extremely helpful. To discuss major gifts or referrals to others who can help, please contact us.

We are grateful for your tax-deductible assistance. Together, we will touch the world in a new way and work toward a more God-honoring media.

New Initiatives

Media Hub Expansion

Your donations will help us to implement the future of 168 Film, which includes an indexed, keyworded user programmable Web video channel containing many of the nearly 1,000 films in our library, this will allow churches, small groups and schools to find and incorporate these films in their programs.

Please consider giving to support this and other future initiatives.

Mission 168

There are many visionary missions organizations around the word with amazing ministries in need of exposure. These groups would be far better supported if they could show a short film documenting their important work. But, few of these can afford the expense of a professional documentary crew.

We want to help our brothers and sisters in missions with the gift of video by teaming an experienced 168 producer with a mission or ministry and funding the effort.

Your support of Mission 168 will make this a reality for many worthy causes. Please contact us to discuss a tax-deductible gift.

Feature Fund

Short films are where all of our filmmakers start to learn the craft.  One of our goals is to help them graduate to feature length entertainment. This type of investment is for the long term and it will have a lasting effect on our world and the media.

Contact us to learn more about the plan and support for the 168 Feature Film Fund.

168 Reality TV Show

With the recent popularity of faith-friendly film and TV, the creation of original TV programming is within reach.  The agony and ecstasy of the 168 competition IS a reality show, from the titanic disasters to the larger-than-life personalities and the drama on the set.  It is "must see TV."

Your donations and sponsorship will help make this a reality in the near future.

Support 168 Financially

Please give generously. Your one-time or monthly gift of $10, $15, $20, $50, $100, $500 or more will allow us to change the world through the media.  To discuss major gifts, please contact us. Please refer your friends and pray for our triumphant mission!

Pray for 168

Whether or not you can afford to contribute financially, we welcome your prayers for this ministry. Each year thousands of people come together to make films. In the process many are confronted with the truth of the Bible and meet their Savior and Lord for the first time. Coupled with all the details of managing the competition and festival, the only way it works is if God's people pray. To be part of the prayer team, please download our Volunteer Application and check the "Prayer" box. We'll keep you in the loop.

Volunteer with 168

Volunteers are critical to making the 168 Film Festival run smoothly. If you're in Southern California at Festival time, we invite you to come and meet the filmmakers and stars. Office volunteers are also needed year 'round. You need not be in SoCal to volunteer as an office volunteer. Thanks in advance for your help!

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