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Casting 2014

Beverley Hills Casting

Actors: here is what you need to know to increase your chances of being cast in one of the films for 2014.  Note: Production Week starts Friday May 23, so you will want to develop relationships with producers now.  One good way is to go and post on our Facebook and Twitter Accounts. Producers: Finding the right actors can be time consuming.  With a limited amount of time during this type of speed filmmaking competition, you should consider using a professional casting agent to save time.

Beverly Hills Casting is offering their services at a special low rate to "168" teams. See description below.

For those who want or need to cast on their own, here is an alternative.  Producers can sign up for casting rooms free of charge  Actor's can audition for free but they must be a Cazt member to look at their reels or to pass them on to other parties.  Producers must sign up early these rooms go fast.

Beverly Hills Casting:

ACTOR SUBMISSIONS: Please email headshot, resume and demo reel to  In the subject line, type your Name and Ethnicity.

For more information, please contact BHC Casting Coordinator, Susanna Velasquez, at 818-281-5752.

This service can be made available to some out-of-town teams as follows:

Breakdowns are posted and actors are selected online. Actors are then sent to producers' location (if it can be arranged).

Teams in L.A. may also reserve a casting or meeting room (e.g. for a table read) to work on their own.

BHC Service Description:

CASTING FEE for 168 Teams only: $249 Includes:
    ● Cast up to 5 roles per team
    ● Casting Facility
    ● Confirm Character Breakdowns with Producers
    ● Post on Breakdown Services to agents, managers, and actors
    ● Schedule and facilitate principal role auditions
    ● Check Availability and schedule meetings with talent
    ● Distribute grading system for producers to keep notes on all talent.  Registration deadline is May 6
    Payment due by May 12.  Producer Sessions are May 17 and 18.

Questions? Call Susanna Velasquez at 818-281-5752.

    Beverly Hills Casting
    8200 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 400
    Beverly Hills, CA  90211

168 Film recommends and considers Beverly Hills Casting to be excellent, but 168 is not affiliated with BHC.  User is responsible for evaluation of their services.


Many actors are posting their headshots and resumes to our Facebook Group. This method is free and available to all teams, even those outside of SoCal.

Producers, if you are looking for specific characters, post your needs in our Facebook group.

168 Facebook Group

Other Casting Options

If outside SoCal, consider advertising for open auditions on Craig's List or in community theater or film groups, churches, or local newspapers. You may use some of the materials 168 provides for casting day.



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