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2019 Verse Assignment Results


The 2019 Verse Assignment Event was held last night at Hollywood Piano in Burbank. "Speed Film" teams chose their verses for the 17th Annual 168 Film Project. The verses were tied to stones laid out on a table in the shape of a cross. Each team was invited to come forward and choose a stone, and they now have the challenge to write a story and produce a film based on that verse. Verses were also drawn for producers outside of SoCal. You can still watch the livestream replay at

Here are the verses that were chosen:

Team #  Producer City State/Country Verse
19s002 Ty Orr Idaho Falls ID Mark 13:8
19s005 Ian Eyre Los Angeles CA 1 Peter 1:23
19s006 CC Weske (Carolanne Yadon) Yucaipa CA John 3:16-17
19s007 Michael Head El Paso TX Jonah 1:14-16
19s008 Bobby Bliatout/Khetphet Phagnasay Fresno CA Titus 3:1-2
19s013 Nina May McLean VA Deut. 30:19
19s016 Aaron Kamp Ashby WA, Australia Revelation 3:17-18
19s018 Marjorie Burgos N Hollywood CA John 1:12
19s020 Justin Manntai Buena Park CA Ezekiel 37:5
19s022 Tamara Johnson Woodland Hills CA 1 Cor 15:52
19s023 Clayton Simmons Billings MT 1 Cor 15:55-57
19s024 Christopher Wiegand Dallas TX John 1:13
19s025 Marcus Wood Southend-on-Sea Great Britain Jonah 2:1-6
19s026 Devkumar Rajkumar Loganville GA Matthew 18:3
19s027 Darla Robinson Northridge CA Judges 16:28
19s028 James McKinney Decatur GA John 9:6-7
19s029 Kerstin Thiel Indianapolis IN Ephesians 2:8-10
19s030 Amy Sutherland Dunwoody GA Luke 1:7, 24-25
19s031 Deborah Brown Padova Italy Luke 15 31-23
19s033 LaShunda Smith Lancaster CA Romans 12:2








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