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Write of Passage Finalists 2018

We are pleased to announce the 10 Finalist Writers in the 10th Annual Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition!

READ SCRIPTS AND VOTE HERE Audience Favorite Voting Closes Nov, 2nd at 5pm.

All submissions are up to 12-pages with the 2018-2019 Theme: REBIRTH!

The were all based this scripture: Matthew 18:3 And (Jesus) said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” ESV

The WP purse includes a $500 1st Prize (and $250 to the DE / mentor) plus introductions to writer/producer Brian Bird (THE CASE FOR CHRIST, WHEN CALLS THE HEART).

Finalist scripts may be produced for the 168 Film Festival's Write of Passage Spotlight.

168 Film Project Entries Open Now -  Enter 168 Film Project Here  -  Producer Entry Deadline May 15th, 2019

Write of Passage Schedule:

  • Oct 25 Grand Jury Starts
  • Oct 26 Audience Favorite Voting Starts
  • Oct 29 Publish Ten Finalists
  • Nov 02, 12pm Audience Favorite Voting Closes
  • Nov 07 WOP Jury Winner Announced, Winner Interviewed
  • Nov 08 Audience Favorite Announced


Write of Passage Finalist Writers 2018

(Alpha Order – The Jury Process is Completely Blind)

  • Erik Baker
  • Sandi Eberhardt
  • Darlo Gemeinhardt
  • Camille Godwin-Austen
  • Stephanie Hylton-Wang
  • Nolan Jones
  • Kari Payne
  • Deanne Reed
  • Yvette Sams
  • Daniel Sweet



18-DE02-W07 Crown of Greatness - A desperate archeological looter seeks riches at any cost.

18-DE02-W09 Teddy - Desperately out of control, a woman discovers the dedication and wisdom of her imaginary friend.

18-DE03-W15 Mighty Warrior - A prominent neurosurgeon's hard heart softens when he shares a ride with a little boy with cancer.

18-DE03-W18 Home - A mother must break the cycle of familial abuse or lose her daughter.

18-DE04-W20 No Grownups Allowed - A grieving widow must find a way to express love to her daughter.

18-DE04-W21 How Not To Be A Stupid Adult... - As a couple separates, they discover a box of mementos from their childhood friendship, and a healthy serving of life advice from their 3rd grade selves.

18-DE05-W27 Heart Comes First - An emotionally-detached 3rd grader learns courage from her dying father.

18-DE06-W34 Sunday School - Cranky Old Man Potter becomes a substitute teacher for Sunday School tots.

18-DE06-W35 Kingdom Boss - A stay-at-home dad battles "Lord Thunder" and conventional thinking in a new video game.

18-DE07-W42 The Tree House - Profound Secrets in an old tree house help a broken woman regain her faith.


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