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2019 "Rebirth" Theme is Calling You to 168

Each year there is great anticipation as the new year's 168 theme is unveiled. The theme is the key to the verses that are selected to become synopses for the films to be made. 

All humans get excited for a well told story and we have the greatest story ever told! A great theme provides foundational building blocks for ministry to be done on sets, in audiences, in the USA and in the farthest corners of the earth.

The registration for the 168 "Rebirth"-themed Write of Passage Competition is coming fast. Enter here (Writing week Oct. 8-15)

Registration for the 17th Annual 168 Film Project is now open.  Enter here. (Production week May 31-June 7)

You can see the journey 168 Film has been on from year one (2003's multiple themes and verses) to 2017's "Power" and now to the 17th year, "Rebirth."

168 Themes (Last to 1st): Rebirth (2019, Year 17) Power, The Love of the Father, Work, Freedom, The Gift, Atonement, Promises, Second Chances, Hearing God, Family Business, Free the Captives, Decisions and Destiny, Faith and Fear, Teachings of Jesus, Proverbs, Multiple Themes Used (2003, Year 1).

A frequent 168 Film Project participant said, "As a writer, producer and pastor, I see the 2019 “Rebirth” theme as the Holy Spirit’s call. 'Rebirth' gives us a great opportunity to share the Gospel through film. Let us not strive to be like Hollywood." -- Reverend Gary Emrick

The description of the theme is thus, "Rebirth" is hardly a rewind of life, or reincarnation. It’s much deeper and involves real decisions right now.  Jesus said, “No one can see the kingdom of God without being born again.” What?! How?!  We become new (reborn) upon meeting the savior and then comes the lifelong journey of learning His ways. Come with us as we explore spiritual rebirth.

According to 168 Founder and Director, John David Ware, "We are very excited to see what the artists of the world conceive and who they take with them on the journey."

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