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168 Board Member launches "168 for Fine Artists"

The “7 Day Bible Art Challenge™” ( has been launched by 168 board member Steve Puffenberger, owner of 168 sponsor Advent Media, Inc.

The 7 Day Bible Art Challenge is like 168 in that it gives artists a week to create an artwork based on a passage from the Bible.  It’s different from 168 in two ways:  (1) it’s for static wall-hanging or 3D artworks that would display in an art gallery, and (2) it’s a LOCAL competition conducted by churches or other groups using the resources provided at

Subscribers to can challenge artists in their communities to this exciting opportunity using the 7dayArt brand and extensive resources found on the Website. The concept has been piloted in 2017 and 2018 by the Visual Arts Ministry of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio.  Both seasons brought approximately 30 artists together for the competition from all parts of the city, and even from other states. “For artists it’s every bit as intense and fulfilling as the 168 Film Project is for filmmakers, or Write of Passage for screenwriters,” said Puffenberger, who is also an award winning 168 veteran filmmaker. “Everyone has a fresh encounter with the Word of God.” The artwork from 2018 and the artists’ experiences are available for download on the Website.

Because it’s a local competition instead of national or regional, the contest can be customized for the locality, and if widely adopted it can be life-changing for a lot people. “Consider if 1,000 groups across the country adopted the Challenge, and, on average, each had 30 artists participating.  That’s 30,000 people a year digging deeply into the Bible – some perhaps for the first time,” said Puffenberger. He continued, “The power of this for the church is the invitation. Non-artist church members can invite their artist friends to a simple competition, and if the artists are not familiar with the Bible, the believer friend can help. It’s a natural evangelical tool.”

The 7 Day Bible Art Challenge needs help to spread the word about this initiative. “You can help by sharing the website on social media, telling your church leaders or local art clubs about it, and donating on our donation page,” explained Puffenberger. A portion of funds received help keep online.

Visit 7 Day Bible Art Challenge Website



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