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WP Semi-Finalist Writers 2017

TITLE   LOGLINE (In writer # order) - See Schedule Below

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A Blessing From Min, An exchange student moves in and turns Nicole's world upside down.

Mighty Engineering, The ghost of insecurity haunts a young CEO.

Sheltered, A bullied puppy saves his friends.

Its How You Have to Play the Game, Ruth's dream warns her of her hypocracy and misuse of power.

The Monitor, An awkward fifth grader dreams of revenge on a bully.

A Trip to the Village on the Bay, An egotistical CEO has a forced 'vacation' at a retirement community.

Madam Beecham's Collection of Curious Lights, For his initiation Joey must steal the light.

The Eighth Sword, A mysterious traveler brings a dangerous weapon to the king.

The Watchwoman, As she's being robbed, a widow challenges a troubled teen.

Charlie’s Heart, Grieving sisters battle their fears after a wreck destroys their world.

Brass Tacks Inc., A bullied mail clerk becomes the boss. 

Adjusting the Offense, A high school quarterback tackles his arrogance.

Howie at the Helm, Captain for a day-Howie may sink the ship.

Look For a River, Lost in the Rockies, a family’s fate depends on a seven year old. 

Carlotta's Revenge, A successful woman comes face to face with her childhood bully.

The Secret Life of Jake Jones, Difficult siblings force a young boy to become a superhero.

Dennis Has a Dream, Dennis needs a raise but his boss has other plans.

Victory Behind the Fear, When a boy gets schooled by a girl he starts to become a man.

Biblical Principal, A young teacher vies for the top job with a tenured know-it-all.

To Get the Crown, A young princess dreams of peace with the prince.

Hall of Dreams, Election season can be hard in the 8th grade.

Stick Together, Being the center of attention has a price.

Voices, An egotistical businessman can’t stop mocking his colleagues.

Posterity, A southern matriarch attempts to secure her future.



Oct 27 Publish Ten Finalists: 

Oct 27 Audience Favorite Voting Starts

Nov 03 WOP Audience Favorite Voting Closes

Nov 07 WOP Jury Winner Announced, Winner Interviewed 

Nov 08 Audience Favorite Announced


Write of Passage 2017 

Verse - Genesis 37:6-7 He said to them, “Listen to this dream I had: We were binding sheaves of grain out in the field when suddenly my sheaf rose and stood upright, while your sheaves gathered around mine and bowed down to it.” NIV

Theme: POWER - Who follows who and why? Who decides the pecking order? Throughout history, all people in every conceivable relationship have fought for power. It is wonderful when allied with liberty and justice. But, in the wrong hands it can be disastrous. Plug in with us as we take an electrifying journey through the corridors of power.

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