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Award Eligible Films 2016

Award Eligible Films Below. Nominations will be released week of July 18.

168 Film Festival Aug. 20-21at Regal Cinemas LA Live

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168 AWARD ELIGIBILITY 2016                  
  NON-Speed Film Award Eligibility                
  (Best Film in Specific Category, Director, Actors)              
  Listed by: Title, Team #, Producer                
  Cycles of Faith-3 Paul LeGrand, Into The Light-9 Mark Baird, Allie & Zee-10 Mark Baird, The Lawn Boy-11 Mark Baird, Carded-15 Susan Shearer,
  The Accounting-17 Rita Betti, Clean Your Room-18 Alec Mizerik, Better Day-19 Ben Natividad, Make Us One-28 Doug Hughes,  
  Group Therapy-29 April Manor, The Last Song on Earth-30 Joshua Barker, Light-31 Joshua Barker, Caged In-32 Aaron Kamp,   
  Zach and Myhre-36 Susan Shearer, Stroke-40 Gwen McGee, Shenanigans-41 Mark Baird, Real Work-44 Ralph Garcia,   
  We Are Loved-48 Sharelle Hall, Little Angels-54 Nellie Gonzalez, Ace of Hearts-59 Tim Lowry      
Team Title Type Producer   Origin          
9 Into The Light Alumni (U) Mark Baird US          
29 Group Therapy Alumni (U) April Manor US          
32 Caged In Alumni (U) Aaron Kamp Australia          
41 Shenanigans Alumni (U) Mark Baird US          
3 Cycles of Faith Documentary (D) Paul LeGrand US          
28 Make Us One Documentary (D) Doug Hughes US          
36 Zach and Myhre Documentary (D) Susan Shearer US          
40 Stroke Documentary (D) Gwen McGee US          
54 Little Angels Documentary (D) Nellie Gonzalez US          
10 Allie and Zee KidVid (K) Mark Baird US          
15 Carded KidVid (K) Susan Shearer US          
18 Clean Your Room KidVid (K) Alec Mizerik USA          
59 Ace of Hearts KidVid (K) Rachel Lowry US          
30 Light Music Video (M) Joshua Barker US          
31 The Last Song on Earth Music Video (M) Joshua Barker US          
44 Real Work Music Video (M) Ralph Garcia US          
48 We Are Loved Music Video (M) Sharelle Smith US          
1 After Speed Film (S) Ben Whimpey Australia          
5 The Choice Speed Film (S) Michael Head US          
6 12,000 Pounds Speed Film (S) Chase Baker USA          
7 Behind the Scenes Speed Film (S) Jason Marsh US          
20 The Voice in the Wilderness Speed Film (S) Andrew Thorn Australia          
22 In The End Speed Film (S) Vince Williams US          
23 Starving Artists Speed Film (S) Sarah Williams Israel          
24 Blondie Speed Film (S)  Nina May US          
26 The Loyal Remnant Speed Film (S) Raquel Ames            
27 The Big Plunge Speed Film (S) Michael Lugenbuehl US          
33 I AM Speed Film (S) Anthony Varon US          
37 Stroke of Faith Speed Film (S) Stephanie Wiseman US          
39 The River Speed Film (S) Jeffrey Hamm US          
43 The Leavenator Speed Film (S) Dija Henry US          
45 Apart Speed Film (S) Ryan Ito US          
49 The Paperclip Speed Film (S) John Lockmer US          
53 Camp Good Works Speed Film (S) Jill Larramore US          
58 UnMOVEable Speed Film (S) Talisha Oliver US          
11 The Lawn Boy Write of Passage (W) Mark Baird US          
34 Griff's Business Write of Passage (W) Don Wahl US          
7 Behind the Scenes Comedy Jason Marsh US          
23 Starving Artists Comedy Sarah Williams Israel          
27 The Big Plunge Comedy Michael Lugenbuehl US          
33 I AM Comedy Anthony Varon US          
1 After International Ben Whimpey Australia          
20 The Voice in the Wilderness International Andrew Thorn Australia          
23 Starving Artists International Sarah Williams Israel          
56 The One Most Needed International Dhaba Wayessa Ethiopia          
MAKING OF 168                
1 After Making Of 168 Ben Whimpey Australia          
6 12,000 Pounds Making Of 168 Chase Baker US          
37 Stroke of Faith Making Of 168 Stephanie Wiseman US          
22 In The End Making Of 168 Vince Williams US          
33 I AM Making Of 168 Anthony Varon US          
48 We Are Loved Making Of 168 Sharelle Smith US          
59 Ace of Hearts Making Of 168 Rachel Lowry US          
15 Carded Evangelista Susan Shearer US          
25 Blue Shoes  Evangelista Richard  Villarreal US          
28 Make Us One Evangelista Doug Hughes US          
31 The Last Song on Earth Evangelista Joshua Barker US          
59 Ace of Hearts Evangelista Rachel Lowry US          
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