168 Film Board Members

Brian Bird

In addition to his most recent credits on "When Calls the Heart," Brian's 30-year career in Hollywood includes writing and producing credits such as the 2013 feature film, "Captive," the true story of the 2005 Atlanta hostage crisis, currently in post-production; "Gametime" for NBC (2012), "Not Easily Broken," adapted from the novel by T.D. Jakes, for Sony/Screen Gems (2009); "The Confession" (2013) and "The Shunning" (2011) for Sony Affirm, "Saving Sarah Cain" (2008) and "The Last Sin Eater" (2007) for (20th Century Fox 2007), "Call Me Claus" (2003) for Sony, and "Bopha!" (1993) for Paramount, along with 250 episodes of network TV, including "Touched By an Angel" and "Step By Step" and "Evening Shade."  However, his best productions to date are his five children with his wife of 33 years, Patty.

Steve Puffenberger

Originally a “Multi-Image” producer for The Ohio State University, Steve has produced and exhibited hundreds of titles primarily for the business meeting/education sector over a 40-year professional career. He likes to sum it up, “everything from nuclear power plant training to fundraising for church.” In 1982 Steve founded Advent Media, Inc., which now specializes in filmmaking, website development, and live-presentation content and training. Now joined by his son David, they continue supporting clients while pursuing Second Advent Pictures, a division for creating Gospel-centered original content. Steve has participated in five 168 films since 2008, producing two Signature films, editing a third, and winning Best Unlimited Documentary and Evangelista in 2011 for “The Main Thing,” and Best Unlimited Documentary in 2012 for “Changed on the Inside.”  Steve lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Gary Swanson

is a pastor and full time missionary to many, who are the future of Hollywood. His Tinseltown Bible Studies meet on both the Fox and CBS Lots. The purpose, or mission statement if you will, of the Tinseltown Studies can be summarized in one brief statement: To help those who come to us move one step closer to Christ, whether they come to us as a defiant sinner, a searching seeker, or a mature saint. Gary and his wife Judy live in Redondo Beach, CA.

John David Ware

is the founder and director of 168 Film. Originally from Columbus Ohio, John went to film school at Miami University, Oxford, OH) and graduated with honors. In 1998, he co-founded SLATE Entertainment Fellowship at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, where 168 was born.  John is a conference speaker and media and film festival consultant. 168 has helped propel the lives and careers of thousands of artists all over the world by teaching them to focus on excellence of craft and on God's Word.   John has written feature-length spec screenplays and produced short films. He lives in Burbank, CA.

168 Film Staff

John David Ware, Founder and Director

Advisory Team

Michael Lehmann-Boddicker, Grammy-winning composer

Phil Cooke, President, Cooke Pictures

Simran Singh, Legal Counsel

Keith Roush, President, Roush Media

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