168 Write of Passage - Got a week? Write a script!

Started in 2009, the Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition is a one-week, mentored competition, which teaches writers as they compete. The goal is to develop redemptive, inspirational stories that honor God. Submissions are 12-pages and are written in 168 hours, based on the theme and a foundational scripture.

Writers compete for cash, prizes, Hollywood introductions and expert critique from Hollywood insiders. Any Write of Passage script may be produced to screen at the 168 Film Festival as a Write of Passage Spotlight Film (See FAQ for details.)

Write of Passage utilizes participants called "Development Executives" (DE's) to judge the first round of the competition. DE's also compete for cash, Hollywood introductions and producer credits on resulting films. Write of Passage complements the 168 Film Project, allowing the best writers a chance to be seen onscreen.

The Write of Passage competition takes place annually in October.

NEW FOR 2016 Write of Passage INTENSIVE

Write of Passage INTENSIVE is not a competition.  It is an "intensive" mentored screenwriting exercise.  Similar to the Write of Passage competition, participants will receive a foundational verse, and will write up to 12 pages in a week, interacting with an experienced industry professional as a mentor. Participants can include an individual writer or a team of writers.

Again, this is NOT a competition and there are no prizes, however scripts will be eligible to be produced as Write of Passage Spotlight Films for the 168 Film Festival. Entry fees go in part to support mentors, who will work with you toward the goal of making a compelling story that is affordable to produce.

Write of Passage INTENSIVE registration is open thru Feb 8. (Register below)


Read Winning Scripts FAQ 

2016 Theme: "Work"

You’ll never find the phrase, “I just quit my day job” in the Bible. Much to the chagrin of humankind, work is a critical ingredient in God's long-range plan for every human being. Take the journey with us as we explore the world of work.

Write of Passage INTENSIVE:
Registration Deadline: Feb. 8, 2016 Feb. 10, 2016
Verse Assignment: Feb 15, 2016. 
Submission Deadline Feb 22, 2016, 5PM PST

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First Annual Write of Passage Duo Details

Write of Passage Duo is a team screenwriting competition designed to help screenwriters learn to work collaboratively.

As with the existing Write of Passage Competition, this "Duo" uses the same rules, except that partners work together.

So how's it work?

  • You must have a partner for this contest. Reach out to friends, enemies, literary groups, Facebook and Twitter friends. Find someone willing to join you in writing a screenplay for a 12 minute film based on a Bible verse. They don't need to be spiritual or creatively similar to you, just willing.
  • Enter the competition (link is above) and share the cost with your partner.
  • You will be assigned a Development Executive (DE), who will serve as your mentor and judge for the 1st round.
  • On Verse Assignment Day, the verse is assigned as a blueprint to your story. The verse relates to the year's theme so that we have an anchor point to all the stories. Then you'll have 168 hours to write a story.  Your DE will help you to evaluate your work and make your script the best it can be.
  • Contest rules are the same as for Write of Passage

Award winners will be recognized at the 168 Film Festival, and finalist scripts may be produced for the Festival!

NOTE: If you want to make it more likely that your script will be optioned for production, make it SIMPLE, i.e. a single location with a limited number of characters, and easily achievable special effects.


  • $40 until Dec. 15 ($20 each writer)
  • $50 thru January 14 ($25 each writer)
  • $70 thru February 8 (deadline) ($35 each writer)
  • Writing week Feb 15-22, 2016
  • Semi-Finalists announced March 1. Finalists announced March 8. Winner announced March 15.


The $500 cash prize will be split between the two writers on the winning team. One winner and three runners-up will be selected.  All scripts may be posted online and all are eligible for the Write of Passage Spotlight Film production and screening at the 168 Film Festival.


For $20, 168 will provide a written professional evauation of your final script. Coose the "Professional Evaluation" option when you purchase your entry.

See details in the Write of Passage FAQ.