Write of Passage 2014 Competition Entry

Write of Passage 2014 Competition Entry
$45.00 $40.00

Entry into the 6th Annual Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition (WP).  The entry deadline is October 7th. The mentored competition is designed to encourage new writers.


The WP purse includes a $1,000 First Prize plus introductions to writer/producers like Luke Schelhaas (THE GOOD WIFE, LAW AND ORDER) and Brian Bird (WHEN CALLS THE HEART). Finalist scripts may be produced for the 168 Film Festival's Write of Passage Spotlight. 


Writer entry fees are $30-45 (Earlybird Rate $20) and writing week is October 13-20. Submissions are up to 12-pages and based on a foundational scripture with the 2014 Theme: Freedom.  Verse Assignment is Oct. 13th and winners are announced in November.


$20 1st Week Special

$30 Until July 15

$35 Until Aug. 15

$40 Until Sept. 30

$45 Starting Oct 1st



It is a state of mind and an attitude, for which we all strive. From history we learn that it is not free.  Many, animated by forces greater than themselves, have fought and died for sweet freedom.  Truly, no freed soul can deny the responsibility to help emancipate brothers and sisters.
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