"Speed Film" Judging Process

The judging process takes time, depending on the number of films entered:

  • Films are prescreened by 168 staff to watch for rule violations and duration times.
  • Films are then spot-checked and grouped according to overall quality.
  • Films are distributed to Programmers for initial judging.
  • Multiple programmers rate each film based on the criteria below. (To volunteer as a programmer, download and return the Volunteer Application). Programmers DO NOT have to live in L.A. They do need broadband Internet connections.)
  • The top scoring films go to the 168 Grand Jury, which gives award nominations and winners.
  • In case of a tie, the Scriptural Integration (how well the story is founded on the verse) score will determine the winner. All 168 management decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

"Non-Speed" films, such as "Write of Passage Spotlight," "Documentary" and other standalone categories are judged internally.
In case of a tie the jury makes the determination.

Judging Criteria

Speed Film Point Scale and Criteria:

    Verse resonates beautifully throughout the piece, thought provoking, masterfully interwoven in the story.
  • STORY/SCREENPLAY - 10 points
    Story is inventive, fresh and masterfully woven. Dialog is excellent.  Characters are compelling and distinctive.
  • DIRECTOR - 10 points
    Story is told in a unified, unique & cohesive, clear, distinctive style & tone, Relational dynamics are believable.
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY - 10 points
    Visually stunning. Camera movement and shot selection is excellent.
  • EDITOR - 10 points
    Rhythmic, moving, engaging arrangement of pictures and sound
  • PRODUCTION DESIGN - 10 points 
    Outstanding set design transports us to the world of the characters.
  • ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE or SCORE EFFECTIVENESS (if not original) - 10 points
    The music perfectly complements the story and overall message.Original scores vie for special awards
  • SOUND DESIGN - 10 points
    Consistent levels, beautiful transitions between words and music, absence of distracting noises (buzz, hum, hiss, etc.) .
  • ACTING - 10 points
    Relational dynamics are strong & believable. Actors aptly reach our center of caring for them.
  • TOTAL SCORE 100 POINTS.  The top-scoring films advance....

Criteria for Non-Speed films vary according to their type.

Disqualifying Criteria

  • Late or incomplete submission (including all required paperwork)
  • Exceeding designated program length (credits/logos are included in total length)
  • Writing prior to Verse Assignment or any type of production prior to Production Start Time
  • Swearing, gratuitous sex or violence; excessively revealing costumes
  • Use of expletives, including "Jesus" or "God" in a disrespectful manner

(Rule-offending films will not advance. See COMPLETE RULES for details.)

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Jury Members

The 2014 Jury will be announced soon.