"Speed Film" Judging Process

The judging process is serious business.  We take the time to ensure correct results:

  • The 168 Programming Committee rates all films
  • With ratings in hand, deliberation begins on the "Award Eligible" Speed Films which go to the Grand Jury
  • In case of a tie, the Scriptural Integration (how well the story is founded on the verse) determines the winner
  • Non-Speed Films are judged in their categories in house

This Year's Nominees

2016 Jury Members

Michael Swanson is an Emmy-winning TV and movie producer and studio executive at NBCUniversal. He oversees production operations for BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (Fox) starring Andy Samberg, MASTER OF NONE (Netflix) starring Aziz Ansari, THE GOOD PLACE (NBC) starring Kristen Bell, PARKS AND RECREATION (NBC) starring Amy Poehler, COMMUNITY (NBC) starring Joel McHale and MAURY. Michael executive produced the original cable movies TO HELL AND BACK, a contemporary retelling of the Biblical story of Job, starring Ernie Hudson; and FOR THE LOVE OF RUTH, based on the Biblical character Ruth, starring Denise Boutté. He produced ALL ABOUT US, starring Boris Kodjoe, Ryan Bathé and Morgan Freeman; and ALL ABOUT YOU, starring Tony Award winner Renée Elise Goldsberry. Michael also produced the Gospel music documentary, ANDRAÉ CROUCH: MAKING OF THE JOURNEY, featuring Grammy winners Andraé Crouch, Chaka Khan, Take 6, Sheila E. and Marvin Winans.

Gary Skeen Hall is Senior Vice President, Post Production, 20th Century Fox Television, where he oversees post production for all scripted network and cable series. His post production responsibilities include past and present hits like 24, THE SIMPSONS, BONES, EMPIRE, FAMILY GUY, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and HOMELAND. Gary has written and produced for 21 JUMP STREET, THE A-TEAM and PENSACOLA: WINGS OF GOLD. In addition to working in the television industry, Gary continues his work as a 35-year veteran police officer for LAPD, with multiple commendations for bravery and service. Gary’s assignments have included gangs, narcotics and homicide, including the “Night Stalker" case. He and his wife Cyndi founded HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS, a prison ministry to teach LA County Jail inmates about careers in the television industry (hollywoodimpactstudios.com). 

Troy Buder (TABu Filmz) is the Executive Producer of the Disney film, “Queen of Katwe,” about Ugandan girl training to become a world chess champion (due 2016). Troy has worked in the financial services field for 18 years, founding Tri Pillar Investments and working with Wachovia-Wells Fargo, AIG-Valic, and Cornerstone Capital Management. He currently serves as managing director with the Atlanta Capital Group’s North Carolina office, one of the premier independent wealth advisory offices in the region. He is a Board Member with Hockey Ministries International, and with Family Health Ministries. Troy is a wish grantor with Make-A-Wish and a frequent contributor to CNBC, FOX, and WRAL in Raleigh, NC.

Carl Gilliard is an Actor, Producer and Director, who’s credits include INCEPTION, RED EYE, COACH CARTER, THE MANNSFIELD 12, HOUSE MD, 24, RISE AGAIN, THE CHOIR DIRECTOR, PREACHERS SON, the Lifetime’s WUTHERING HIGH SCHOOL and THE MAN IN 3B. Carl has directed the stage play POWER COUPLE STRUGGLE and Produced and Directed the NAACP Award-nominated SECTION 8 and the NAACP Award-winning STEEL MAGNOLIAS. He founded the award-winning FCBC REPERTORY COMPANY at his home church, Faithful Central and he Co-Created the Bill Duke Media Foundation's Youth Media Camp. Carl Co-Produced Dr. Gloria Morrow's, THE THINGS THAT MAKE MEN CRY. As an actor, Carl has appeared in NINTH WAVE, SOUTH OF WHERE WE LIVE, THE RIVER NIGER, WAITING FOR THE RAIN & THE LIVING QUARTERS. Follow Carl on TWITTER, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM at: carlgilliard

Robert Kirbyson is a three-time veteran filmmaker of the 168 Film Project competition. He has written and directed four feature films, including the soon-to-be-released romantic comedy IN-LAWFULLY YOURS and the action comedy BOONE. He wrote and directed the 2016 pilot of THE BONEYARD for The History Channel and the acclaimed web series CTRL for NBCUniversal. Robert began his career in Canada as a cinematographer, eventually writing and directing for several series including the popular children’s show SESAME STREET.

Kim Dorr-Tilley has worked in the entertainment industry with on-camera talent, for over 30 years. As CEO at Defining Artists Agency, Kim discovered and began the careers of such actors as Jessica Alba, America Ferrera, Nick Wechsler, Rami Malek, Haaz Sleiman, Sam Witwer and Jamie McShane among others. She developed the casting department and managed it for nine years at the Arthur Company, an independent TV production firm. At the Bobby Ball Agency she managed the Children’s and Young Adult TV/ Film pision and started the Adult Theatrical Department. Kim’s other passions are prayer and evangelism. She currently serves as an Associate Pastor at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, where she oversees THE BEACON, a Christian community dedicated to encouraging, equipping and inspiring people of faith working in the Entertainment Industry.

Andrew William Librizzi is an award-winning Writer/Director of such films as HOLDING ON (Houston WorldFest), STILL BORN (168 Film Festival), BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR, which he successfully self distributed. His latest feature film, THE BOXER'S GARDEN, is about a psychiatrist on the verge of inventing a “happily-ever-after” pill, when he discovers his own marriage in trouble. Andrew is the owner-producer of Image Engine Creative, a production company, whose past clients include Visa, Palm Beach Tan and Seimens. Andrew’s stage plays have been produced throughout the United States and Canada.

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Judging Criteria

Speed Film Point Scale and Criteria:

    Verse resonates beautifully throughout the piece, thought provoking, masterfully interwoven in the story.This is a full 20% (20 points) of a film’s total score. It is how skillfully, artistically, and ingeniously the producer uses the verse as a foundation to the story. It is not simply jamming the verse into the story or reading it at some point. Judges will rate the verse on face value, asking “Are all of the verse’s story points addressed?” Extra credit is given for representation of the verse’s context. Judges will watch for subtleties and symbolism (i.e. one character represents Jesus or Israel, etc.). The best films will communicate the spirit and the letter of the verse in a wondrous, positive way. Jurors are encouraged to study the verse before or after viewing the film. SI is independent of other scores, so a beginner film may have a very high SI score, and an expert film may have a low SI score.
  • STORY/SCREENPLAY - 10 points
    Story is inventive, fresh and masterfully woven. Dialog is excellent.  Characters are compelling and distinctive.
  • DIRECTOR - 10 points
    Story is told in a unified, unique & cohesive, clear, distinctive style & tone, Relational dynamics are believable.
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY - 10 points
    Visually stunning. Camera movement and shot selection is excellent.
  • EDITOR - 10 points
    Rhythmic, moving, engaging arrangement of pictures and sound
  • PRODUCTION DESIGN - 10 points 
    Outstanding set design transports us to the world of the characters.
  • ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE or SCORE EFFECTIVENESS (if not original) - 10 points
    The music perfectly complements the story and overall message.Original scores vie for special awards. Producers must note whether the music qualifies for Original Score in the Film Information Database, and composer must sign a certificate to be eligible for this award
  • SOUND DESIGN - 10 points
    Consistent levels, beautiful transitions between words and music, absence of distracting noises (buzz, hum, hiss, etc.) .
  • ACTING - 10 points
    Relational dynamics are strong & believable. Actors aptly reach our center of caring for them.
  • TOTAL SCORE 100 POINTS.  The top-scoring films advance....

Criteria for Non-Speed films vary according to their type.

Disqualifying Criteria include:

  • Late or incomplete submission (including all required paperwork)
  • Exceeding designated program length (credits/logos are included in total length)
  • Speed film writing prior to Verse Assignment or any type of production prior to Production Start Time (N/A for Non-Speed Films)
  • Swearing, gratuitous sex or violence; excessively revealing costumes
  • Use of expletives, including "Jesus" or "God" in a disrespectful manner

(Rule-offending films will not advance. See RULES PAGE for more details. Producers have complete rules in their contract documents.)